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The Imitation Game

Yet again over a month since I’ve been here. Time flies so fast. But I’m back and I want to say a word or two about The Imitation Game.

I didn’t know who Alan Turing was. And to tell you the truth I went to see this movie because Benedict Cumberbatch was playing the leading role. I’m not into mathematics or science.

But I’m very happy I did went to see The Imitation Game. The movie was entertaining and intriguing. It was touching and it made me mad. Such a huge unfairness, a brutal destiny of a man with a great talent. What a shame for those who forced him to live like that. It’s always hard when a person can’t be who he truly wants to be.

Benedict Cumberbatch gives a superbly brilliant, talented and nuanced performance and I think that he’s great, just great. Simply because of that I enjoyed the movie. But it was a great story too.

I have no bad things to say about The Imitation Game. It gave me moments of joy and sorrow. It gave entertainment and a portrait of an intelligent, and fairly unknown man. It’s good that this movie was made. I’m sure that today many more people know who Alan Turing was.



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Last sunday I went to the movies with my son and we went to see Interstellar, this time it was my choice.

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is a movie full of Hollywood pathos. It’s also beautiful, touching and makes you think of what’s coming in the future. Is the earth going to be inviable? When you think about it, we’re talking about big issues here.

In addition to all of that, Interstellar was very entertaining. Both me and my son sat in our chairs, staired the movie, completely focused on what’s happening on the screen. Visually beautiful scenes and interesting plot. It didn’t bother us that the movie was nearly three hours long. I didn’t actually know (all the time, there were some elements that were predictable) what was going to happen nor how would the movie end. It was refreshing.

I have growing respect for Matthew McConaughey. Lately his roles and performances have been quite amazing.

I love Anne Hathaway.

And Michael Caine, well, he’s a legend.

I think Interstellar was much better than Gravity.


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Dracula Untold

I had to choose a movie that would interest my husband and I chose Dracula Untold.

I’m not a huge fan of vampire movies, but sometimes circumstances drift into such situation that I have to see them. This was such a time.

Dracula Untold was well made visually. Other that that, well, it was above mediocre. Towards the end it got a bit corny and bloody, of course.

I have no criterion to compare Dracula Untold to another vampire movies, but I think that this was not the best one. In those movies that I have seen, Dracula has been less human, in Dracula Untold he was. He chose the best of other before his own needs and wanted to save his family.

No fantastic experiences or emotions. I saw, it ended, I got out, now I can forget about it.


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When I saw the preview of the movie Lucy I thought it would be interesting. I like movies where women are heroines, strong and fearless. So, yesterday I went to see Lucy with my son.

The beginning of the movie was okay. I’m not a big fan of Scarlett Johansson, but in this movie she was splended as cold, heartless  and impassive woman, you could see her transformation. And it’s always a pleasure to listen to the beautiful, soothing voice of Morgan Freeman. Those were the good things in Lucy, but…

What were those clips about wild animals, nature and dividing cells between scenes? They just disturbed me and I don’t see the point of them. And the ending? What a disappointment. It just was too weird and too sci-fi for me. I was gutted, I admit.

When the movie ended my son said to me “This was one of the weirdest movies I’ve seen in a while”. It was and not in a good way.


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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

First thing that comes to my mind when I think about Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is the stunning realization. The apes were so realistic that I had to remind myself that those apes were not real apes.

Another good thing about this movie was that, in my opinion, it has a message. The human race has good people and bad people. Other species has both too. And you can’t automatically assume that the other is better than another. Respect is the point.

I couldn’t help but compare this movie to the earlier movie, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, with James Franco. Dawn was a little diffrent, but these two movies both have a message and I liked them both equally.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was a little bit above mediocre. It was entertaining, had a message and it was visually beautiful. It offered  entertainment for two hours, but still, to me, it was not the best movie of the year. It was okay.



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Edge of Tomorrow

A lot of noise, chaos, big guns, combat, ugly aliens and the same day over and over again, that was Edge of Tomorrow.

Edge of Tomorrow was a positive surprise. In the beginnig I wasn’t so sure about the movie but after a (very short) while I was fully focused. Edge of Tomorrow was much smarter, sharper and funnier than I expected it to be. The movie was made with a twinkle in the eye, with tongue in cheek, I might say. It had humor and some good action.

Tom Cruise is still very believable as an action hero and he seems ageless. I like him more now when has more edge and some wrinkles in his eyes, when he’s not too smooth and slick. However, he has played several similar roles over the past few years, but let’s not hold it agains him. He has managed to stay on top for many years.

Emily Blunt was also good as a warrior woman with arms that I envy. I like female roles that are strong and invincible. The always make me feel that I can do anything.

I’m not a fan of sci-fi-films (although I’ve seen many) but I liked Edge of Tomorrow. It was entertaining, efficient and funny. There’s no need to analyse this movie more. It was what it was, pure action.


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I went to the movies twice this week. The first movie was Transcendence so I will write about it first.

I was so excited when I heard that there was a new Johnny Depp -movie (as he’s one of my favourite actors). However, I was a little suspicious because the movie was science fiction, it’s not my favourite movie genre. But, as I’ve decided, I’m goint to go and see every movie where Johnny is acting so I went to see Transcendence with my son.

Transcendence was average. It had it’s moments but at times it was a little too slow-paced, yet not boring. The topic was interesting but it was handled in an usual way. Humans try to control with technology but everything turns upside down and the technology starts to take power over humans. In Transcendence there are some great actors, in addition to Johnny Depp, such as Morgan Freeman and Paul Bettany. Those excellent talents don’t lift the movie higher. What would’ve Transcendence been without these talented people? And what about Rebecca Hall, the leading lady in this movie? There’s something about her that I don’t like much. I think she’s a little stony. It feels like she doesn’t give her heart to the role. I may be wrong, but that’s how I felt.

Transcendence entertained me for two hours, but would I watch it again? Probably not. It was a mediocre Johnny Depp -movie. Though, I must say, it was much better than the previous movie, Lone Ranger (review here).

I admire Johnny Depp. His careless, cool and ageless style and his talent. Yet, he hasn’t made very good movies over the past years. All of them have been a little indifferent. It’s a shame because I think he could do so much more. Or maybe he doesn’t care if the movie is a hit or not.


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