After Earth

I went to see After Earth because my son asked me to go with him. I was thinking that I’m not interested in another “world has ended” -movie. But I went, because I wanted to go with my son.

After Earth turned out to be good entertainment. The movie was in the hands of two actors Will and Jaden Smith, and mostly Jaden Smith. After Earth was a movie of survival and a relationship between a father and a son. Kitai (Jaden Smith) had to face his fears and try to save himself and his father Chypher (Will Smith). There were some moments in this movie that made me feel excited, I was thinking “are they going to make it or not”. I knew they would, but it didn’t matter, a good action scene swept me along.

Guaranteed Hollywood entertainment from M. Night Shyamalan. If you want to put your brains off and enjoy some good action, go see this movie.

The only thing I was thinking was that would Jaden Smith be an actor in a leading role if his father wasn’t Will Smith? Maybe, maybe not.




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2 responses to “After Earth

  1. Many people get their starts due to parents — Gwyneth Paltrow for example. But, I really don’t think that Jaden is cut from the same mold as his father. He lacks much emotion… I found the film utterly stale.

  2. You have a point there and I must agree with you about Jaden.

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