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Grace of Monaco

This movie I went to see alone (guys didn’t want to see it, why?). Grace of Monaco.

I had no high expectations of this movie, but I still wanted to see it. Grace Kelly is an iconic character and, I think, it’s always hard to play these type of people. Almost everyone has an opinioin about them and it’s almost impossible to play them and be as “good” as the role model.

Grace of Monaco was visually beautiful, it looks gorgeous, that I must say. As for the story, witch is partly fictionalized, it didn’t touch me much. The athmosphere was somehow shallow and Nicole Kidman has made much better performances than this (for example Virginia Wolf in The Hours, amazing). There’s no doubt, Nicole Kidman has some of that same radiance and elegance that Grace Kelly had, but somehow it doesn’t shine so bright in this movie. One thing is also a little unclear to me, what kind of a story they wanted to tell to the audience, when they made this movie? Political story, love story? I don’t know.

Grace Kelly is portrayed as an outspoken, independent, determined and kind woman who has difficulties in adapting herselt to all the demands that royal life requires. Maybe that part is true.

If you don’t think too much or expect too much, Grace of Monaco is an okay movie and you can watch it one time. It doen’t leave you gasping, it doesn’t mesmerize you. It’s a shame because it could’ve been all that.



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Yves Saint Laurent

Last weeks second movie was Yves Saint Laurent, a very different from Transcendence. I don’t know very much about the life of Yves Saint Laurent. Of course, I know who he is and what he has done, but details about his life were (are) unknown. So, I had no idea what was coming, when I went to see the movie.

A very large movie theatre, very little people. There was about 10 people, all women, with the exception of one man who came to see the movie with his wife or girlfriend. Plenty of room to choose where you want to sit.

The movie portrays Yves Sain Laurent as a very talented, genius man, who is also very shy, nervous and sad. His life is, in my eyes, a mess, and the only time he knows what to do is when he designs clothes. I can feel his desperation and his pain.

The movie also tells about incredible loyalty. Yves Saint Laurents relationship with Pierre Bergé, his long-time lover and companion. There’s cheating, mistreat, love and loyalty that bears all this  misbehaviour and lasts until the day Yves Saint Laurent dies.

I must say that Pierre Niney does a fine job. I’ve never head of him but now I will remember him. He may have been a bit too sleek at times, especially during the scenes where the movie describes the times in the 70’s, drug abuse and other freat-out.

In spite of the tragic life of Yves Saint Laurent, the movie was somehow beautiful. The music was also great. There has been a long time since I’ve been able to watch a French movie form start to finish (I’m sorry, I don’t particularly like French movies). So, the movies was well worth the watch.

I can’t say anything about the truthfulness of the story. If it’s all accurate, I feel sad.


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Behind the Candelabra

I only know the real Liberace by name and I know how he looked. Still, I wanted to see Behind the Candelabra. I saw the trailer of the film a while ago and immediately knew that I wanted to see this movie.

It seems that Liberace was quite a character. All that glitter and shine, and the candelabra and big pianos. Both Michael Douglas, as Liberace, and Matt Damon, as Scott Thorson, make an outstanding performance. Stunning and very intimate performance. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon are moth actors that have made many very masculine roles, so this was different, but not in a bad way.

Behind the Candelabra tells both touching and sad story. There is true love, trust and affection between these two men. There is also jealousy, loneliness, vulnerability and possessiveness. One of the most intimate moments of the movie is when Scott sees Liberace without the huge wig that covered his bald head. All in all, I’m left with a feeling that Liberace was a lonely, confused man who desperately wanted to hide his true self from the public. He loved Scott but was kind of lost in his own world that he smothered this young man and wanted to make Scott someone else, a younger version of himself. And Scott let all that happen.

Behind the Caldelabra is a love story that doesn’t end well. In other words, a story of life. It is so sad that Liberace had to live his whole life hiding his true self. And it’s sad that all the people around him took part on this show.

I liked Behind the Candelabra. I’m not able to say how true or accurate it is, I’m not familiar with the story, but both Michael Douglas and Matt Damon deserve my applause. And we should not forget Rob Lowe as Dr. Jack Startz, a plastic surgeon who operates both Liberace and Scott Thorson. Hilarious character.



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In The Pleasure Groove – Love, Death & Duran Duran

I’m happy that this book was not available when I was a teenager. I felt deep love for John Taylor, the bassist of the band Duran Duran. My love for him was blind, he was flawless and the most perfect man in the world.

Years went by and I became an adult, so my enthusiasm decreased (luckily), but I was quite excited when I read that John Taylor was writing a book about his life. In the pleasure groove – love, death & Duran Duran was an interesting and great reading experience. Because Duran Duran was one of the most significant things in my life when I was young, my feelings for the band are still very warm. Reading this book brought back many wonderful memories.

What does this book tell you about John. Success doesn’t bring happiness. Alcohol and drugs mess up your life. On stage, performing, he was happy. After, lonely and confused.  John tells his story honestly and I love that.  In The Pleasure Groove – Love, Death & Duran Duran has opened new realistic perspectives about a phenomenon called Duran Duran. The book is also a story about survival. John’s life is better now, without alcohol or drugs.

Biographies are not my favorite form of literature and I only read biographies if the person in somehow meaningful for me. This book was just that and I feel very lucky that I was able to read it. I’m not able to give any critique, I’m too partial for that.



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