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All The Truth That’s in Me

There has been many words of praise about this book, “A distinctive novel that incudes a powerful message”, “A tale of uncommon elegancy, power and originality”. That’s what some say about All The Truth That’s in Me, by Julie Berry. It’s just confusing when you read a book and you don’t see those highly praised elements in it.

Is there any other who didn’t love the book, because I didn’t like it. Usually I don’t like books that are written in second person narrative. This book was no exception. I get the idea, acceptance, survival, growth, courage and all. They are good things and the main character of the book is a survivor. I agree and I love it, but the way this book was written just wasn’t for me. And it was a surprise that this book was actually a historical novel, I didn’t see that coming. The cover of the book didn’t give any clue nor did the back cover.

All The Truth That’s in Me was a letdown and I didn’t enjoy reading it. I was happy when it ended. I really wanted to like this book, but I can’t.



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The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair

Joël Dicker has written a thick novel, the edition that I read had 809 pages. I was riveted by the story from the start.

Fist I must share with you my thought, that goes for books as well as movies. To me, most of the time, the main issue is entertainment. Of course the story has to be good and well written, but it doesn’t have to be “high culture”. I’m very happy when I’ve read a book that has captured my attention entirely and has offered me hours of interesting moments with the characters and the story. Same with movies. That entertainment factor may not be the same for everybody but who would read a book (or see a movie) that wouldn’t entertain? I wouldn’t.

Back to the main issue. The truth about Harry Quebert affair has twists and turns, some of them are believable some aren’t. Still, it was good, well-paced and full of surprises. The thing that bothered me is, that at the end of the book there were a lot of twists and turns, maybe even just a little too much. Somehow it was not in line with the atmosphere of the rest of the book.

But, I enjoyed reading this book and I think that The truth about Harry Quebert affair was a fine mystery and one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read this year. Not the most shining star but a bright one.


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Bridget Jones – Mad About The Boy

I love Bridget Jones -movies and I’ve read the books also, so I was excited to hear that there’s a new Bridget Jones -book. Mad About The Boy.

What I love about Bridget is that she has the ability to laugh at herself. The books (and movies) have humour, love and silly everyday events, and the reader (and the viewer) can relate to them. Bridget is a girl next door, added with little silly features.

Mad About The Boy was also funny, there was love and silly everyday events. There was motherhood and children, lice and bedtime stories. It has a happy ending.

But I also felt that Bridget was a little too immature and very desperate. By desperate I don’t mean her grief over dead husband Marc but the despair about ageing and finding a man in her life. Nonetheless, these are the topics that are familiar to many women. Ageing scares people, so does loneliness.

Besides, it sucks that Marc died. Why couldn’t Bridget have her happy ending with him after all the fuss? That would have been a good way to finish the story of Bridget.

Mad About The Boy was a good read, one time. If they make a movie of it, I may see it. Another book to leave behind.

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Beautiful, mysterious, gloomy, fascinating, captivating, compelling. These are the words that come to my mind when I think about the books of Carlos Ruiz Zafón. His newest book Marina is no exception.

Poetic descriptions about the events and people in them. The writing is beautiful and of many words, wonderful words and I love each one of them. Marina kept me in my reading spot for hours and the only flaw was that it was quite short and ended quickly.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón has an unique way of using words and telling a story. I’ve read all his books and I’ve been bedazzled by each  of them.

Marina is a sad story. It tells about loneliness, friendship, mendacity, commitment, insanity, eternal love and loss. It has also a suspense factor with supernatural elements, some similarity to Frankenstein’s monster but in a different way.

When I read Marina, I was able to see the misty and rainy streets of Barcelona. I was able to feel the emotions and see all the horrible events in my mind.  I’m in love, I must say, in these books. I want more.


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