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I admit, I’m a bit of a fan of the books of Rhonda Byrne. I’ve read The Secret, The Power and The Magic. Now it was Hero.

I think that there’s two ways to react to these book. You either think they’re an absolute nonsense or you find something interesting from them. The latter happened to me. Belive me, at first I was very skeptical.

I started to think about my own attitude towards life and realized that I was a very negative person. I truly belive that your thoughts do affect your physical health. I’ve experienced it myself. When I’m stressed my stomach hurts and I have a headache, I get a rash and I feel physically bad.

Hero made me think too. Maybe I could achieve my dreams. There are a lot of people who have started when they had nothing. They were tenacious and they made their dreams come true. Your dream can be small or big and most of the time fear prevents you from doing what you would like to do.

The best part, the best offering, of these books is that they made me think of my own behavior and they made me want to be a better person. I want to improve.

Hero made me think about my dreams and I saw that most of them are very realizable. I just have to start doing them.

Sometimes you are so focused on the negative things in your life that you need a wake-up. You get blind and you just spind around in the same circle of negativity and you don’t see anything else. Sometimes you need someone else to say to you that you can do things differently. To me this someone was Rhonda Byrne.



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Life Support

One after another, Life Support after Harvest. Mysterious symptoms and sudden deaths of healthy retirees. A doctor who starts to get suspicious, digs too much and gets haunted for that.

Idealization of youth can be dangerous. The topic of Life Support is still current and continues to be that. Almost all people want to look younger, wrinkles are frightening and raddled body terrifying. There’s no cure for that,  you just have to accept the course of one’s life. That doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself, you must do just that. But not at the expense of other people’s lives.

Life Support, basic medical thriller that doesn’t break any molds. Enjoyable and forgettable.


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I started to read Tess Gerritsen’s books the wrong way, from the newest books. But now I’m going back to the beginning. My friend had almost all Tess Gerritsen’s books and he gave them all to me (happy). I took the first book, Harvest (1996), and started to read.

Harvest is a medical thriller and there’s no sign of Rizzoli & Isles. The main character is doctor Abby DiMatteo. The story is spine-chilling, killings of young boys and illegal sale of organs. Immoral doctors and the power of money.

It was an average book, but I guess you can expect that, after all it is her first book. I read it, it was entertaining but I probably won’t remember it after a while. Nevertheless, I’m going to read a lot more Tess Gerritsen’s books, I have a big pile of them in my living room. I believe she’s getting better, in fact I know it.


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When I saw the preview of the movie Lucy I thought it would be interesting. I like movies where women are heroines, strong and fearless. So, yesterday I went to see Lucy with my son.

The beginning of the movie was okay. I’m not a big fan of Scarlett Johansson, but in this movie she was splended as cold, heartless  and impassive woman, you could see her transformation. And it’s always a pleasure to listen to the beautiful, soothing voice of Morgan Freeman. Those were the good things in Lucy, but…

What were those clips about wild animals, nature and dividing cells between scenes? They just disturbed me and I don’t see the point of them. And the ending? What a disappointment. It just was too weird and too sci-fi for me. I was gutted, I admit.

When the movie ended my son said to me “This was one of the weirdest movies I’ve seen in a while”. It was and not in a good way.


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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

First thing that comes to my mind when I think about Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is the stunning realization. The apes were so realistic that I had to remind myself that those apes were not real apes.

Another good thing about this movie was that, in my opinion, it has a message. The human race has good people and bad people. Other species has both too. And you can’t automatically assume that the other is better than another. Respect is the point.

I couldn’t help but compare this movie to the earlier movie, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, with James Franco. Dawn was a little diffrent, but these two movies both have a message and I liked them both equally.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was a little bit above mediocre. It was entertaining, had a message and it was visually beautiful. It offered  entertainment for two hours, but still, to me, it was not the best movie of the year. It was okay.



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The Lost Boy

After The Highly Sensitive Person it was very refreshing to read a good crime novel. The Lost Boy written by Camilla Läckberg.

You know a good book when you don’t want to put it down, you just want to read. Another page, another chapter, one more, just one. And suddenly you notice that you’ve read the book in just a couple of days (or one day).

The Lost Boy was like that. This was my second Camilla Läckberg -book (review of the first here) and I enjoyed it just as much as the first one. Some people just have the talent to tell a good story and make it so thrilling that it attracts you like a magnet.

The beginning The Lost Boy was a little bit confusing. There was so many stories and people, that I got just a little lost. After reading a moment I started to get the hang of it and began to enjoy. Towards the end all these stories unite and the end was a surprise, at least to me.

Enjoyable. Thank you!

“One thing I will surely miss is that I couldn’t read all the good books in this lifetime.”- Amit Kalantri. Oh, so true.


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The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When The World Overwhelms You

I’ve been on a summer holiday and I was also in New York. What a great trip, I’m happy. Oh well, back to everyday routines (that aren’t so bad either) and books and movies.

I’ve tried to read a book about highly sensitive people. The book is The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When The World Overwhelms You written by Elaine N. Aron. I recognize that some of the features of highly sensitive person apply to me, that’s one of the reasons I chose this book to be in my reading list.

I’m not a fan of categorizations, I don’t like people to be typecasted. Still, I have to say, that some of my own qualities have been a problem to other people. My sensitivity to loud sounds and smells, my low tolerance to commerce and big crowds, my need to be alone more than a “normal” person. And those are just a few things. Those other people have categorized me because of these qualities. I’ve been shy, proud, difficult, timid, touchy, selfish, inhibited, introverted and so on. None of these terms are positive. Why?

What if I’ve born with those qualities. In the book The Highly Sensitive Person Elaine N. Aron explains that these people have a very sensitive nervous system and they are more easly overwhelmed when in a highly stimulating environment.

So, the idea is good. And the book? No. I have no idea to whom she has written this book, is it for the man in the street or to a doctor. There’s just too much analysis of childhood and some irrelevant matters (I’m not saying that persons childhood is irrelevant).

I still think that many people should tolerate difference more. It’s hard to be the quiet, shy and surveillant person in the corner of the room trying to tolerate all the noises, smells and social situations. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be a little more quiet and thoughtful. I think that some of my highly sensitive person -qualities are actually my best qualities.

In my opinion this book  brings out the highly sensitive people in a negative way. Or was it just that the book was so bad?


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