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Now You See Me

Guys wanted to see Pasific Rim. I thought “No, not this time, not for me”. So, I went to see Now You See Me instead, ’cause the film was shown at the same time as Pasific Rim. I had seen the trailer and it seemed interesting.

The idea of magicians stealing money and giving it to the audience was something that I’ve never seen in a movie before. The movie was full of famous actresses and actors, such as Morgan Freeman, Marc Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenber, Sir Michael Caine, Woody Harrelson and Isla Fisher. The all acted with the same manners as the mostly do, so it left me with a feeling that this was just a routine performance for them.

The idea of the movie was good. The ending was something I didn’t expect. When I think of it now, it was quite obvious, but when I was watching the movie, it came as a surprise.

Nevertheless, Now You See Me was just a mediocre movie. I had to stifle my yawn a couple of times and I didn’t feel anything special when I left the movie theater. Now You See Me was forgettable entertainment. Nothing special. A good pastime, nothing more.



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