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The time in between

The time in between (El tiempo entre costuras). María Dueñas has written a wonderful book. I must admit, in all honesty, that in the beginning this book seemed (just a little) boring. But I was persistent and kept reading. It was worth it. Sewing, relationships, history, war, espionage and more. I’ve never read a story like this, and I’ve read a lot. Over 600 pages was nothing.

I worried, stressed, rejoiced and loved with Sira, the heroine of the book. It was so interesting to accompany Sira through all the difficult and happy moments of her life. I love handcafts and the description of  fashion is fascinating.

Sira is a seamstress. In the beginning she’s innocent and naive. She is also brave, persistent, patient and humble by nature. At the same time she’s deceptive and knows how to present herself as a woman who knows all and doesn’t give a s**t about other people. In the end she’s a grown-up, confident woman. And the end is happy, that always makes me happy.

I recommed this book to those who love handcrafts, fashion, history and a good story.



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