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One year

Exactly one year ago I started this blog, July 8, 2013. Since then I’ve written to you about every book I’ve read and every movie I’ve seen in a movie theatre. I’ve watched boadloats of movies at home, but I’ve left those movies out of my blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU all for reading my blog. I hope I’m able to share good, average and bad books and movies with you for a long time.




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Beastly things

I’ve read a lot of books written by Donna Leon. They are not the greatest books in the world but I still like them a lot.  They are easy to read and there’s some nice portrayals of the landscapes and foods of Italy. I also like Guido Brunetti.

The latest Donna Leon’s book I just finished was Beastly things.

Beastly things was an average detective story and I think that it was not the best of Donna Leon. Momentarily the book was just a little bit boring and I noticed that my thoughts escaped to other things. Still, there was something familiar and safe, something intriguing. Guido Brunetti was Guido Brunetti, enjoying lunch and some wine with his wife (I love how their relationship is so comfortable and loving), drinking coffee with his coworkers. And, on the side, solving crimes.

Guido Brunetti doesn’t have any serious problems like his other literary colleagues do, no alcoholism (although he does drink quite a lot of wine), no depression, no ugly divorce or loneliness. A fully functional marriage and family. I like that.

When you read Donna Leon’s books you know what you’re going to get. They are a safe choice. Not too violent, peaceful atmosphere, good food and drinks, beautiful landscapes. Donna Leon has an unique way of telling a story, somehow restful and beautiful. Unbelievable, after all I’m talking about crime novels.

And (I’m not going to reveal any details) after reading this book I felt incredibly happy that I’ve chosen to be a vegetarian (over 25 years already).

Beastly Things cover

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Brick Mansions

I must say that my movie selection has expanded over the last few years, when my sons have grown up. For example, Brick Mansions, the movie I went to see with my son. This is a movie that I wouln’t have chosen to see.

Brick Mansions is a movie about class warfare, witch is surely real life in almost everywhere. Brick Mansions is also an action movie. In addition, it’s a Parkour-movie. In spite of all this it was very average, even a little below. Even with deceased Paul Walker and his blue eyes and David Belle’s amazing Parkour-moves and athletic virtuosity Brick Mansions didn’t contain any great acting. RZA’s character Tremaine mumbled something that I couldn’t understand and other actors were a bit lame too. The plot wasn’t engaging and all the action scenes were so long and somehow boring that I lost my focus.

But my son liked it so I’m happy that I was able to share this movie with him.

One Sheet_final.indd

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All The Truth That’s in Me

There has been many words of praise about this book, “A distinctive novel that incudes a powerful message”, “A tale of uncommon elegancy, power and originality”. That’s what some say about All The Truth That’s in Me, by Julie Berry. It’s just confusing when you read a book and you don’t see those highly praised elements in it.

Is there any other who didn’t love the book, because I didn’t like it. Usually I don’t like books that are written in second person narrative. This book was no exception. I get the idea, acceptance, survival, growth, courage and all. They are good things and the main character of the book is a survivor. I agree and I love it, but the way this book was written just wasn’t for me. And it was a surprise that this book was actually a historical novel, I didn’t see that coming. The cover of the book didn’t give any clue nor did the back cover.

All The Truth That’s in Me was a letdown and I didn’t enjoy reading it. I was happy when it ended. I really wanted to like this book, but I can’t.


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Grace of Monaco

This movie I went to see alone (guys didn’t want to see it, why?). Grace of Monaco.

I had no high expectations of this movie, but I still wanted to see it. Grace Kelly is an iconic character and, I think, it’s always hard to play these type of people. Almost everyone has an opinioin about them and it’s almost impossible to play them and be as “good” as the role model.

Grace of Monaco was visually beautiful, it looks gorgeous, that I must say. As for the story, witch is partly fictionalized, it didn’t touch me much. The athmosphere was somehow shallow and Nicole Kidman has made much better performances than this (for example Virginia Wolf in The Hours, amazing). There’s no doubt, Nicole Kidman has some of that same radiance and elegance that Grace Kelly had, but somehow it doesn’t shine so bright in this movie. One thing is also a little unclear to me, what kind of a story they wanted to tell to the audience, when they made this movie? Political story, love story? I don’t know.

Grace Kelly is portrayed as an outspoken, independent, determined and kind woman who has difficulties in adapting herselt to all the demands that royal life requires. Maybe that part is true.

If you don’t think too much or expect too much, Grace of Monaco is an okay movie and you can watch it one time. It doen’t leave you gasping, it doesn’t mesmerize you. It’s a shame because it could’ve been all that.


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X-Men: Days of Future Past

Oh well, another superhero movie. I wouldn’t probably go and watch these movies if there weren’t three men in my family. So, last friday my husband wanted to see X-Men: Days of Future Past and I went to see it with him.

First some good things. Special effects were good and there are some great actors in this movie, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender, to name a few. There was plenty of action and the there was the 1970’s.

I must say that this movie didn’t provoke any deep thoughts in me. I think that you must be a true fan to enjoy these movies truly. I’m not. So, I don’t have much to say about this.

X-Men: Days of Future Past was an okay movie to watch, one time.

I like Wolverine, though.


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