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The Bling Ring

At fist I was thinking “Nah, I’m not going to see that”. Then I thought “Yeah, maybe”. A few days later I went to see The Bling Ring, the new movie of Sofia Coppola. I had no expectations, I went there just to spend time and relax.

There were three other women in the movie theatre, so it was just four of us. I must admid that I was in an early showing and it was weekday (it was my holiday), so that might be the reason for so few viewers.

The Bling Ring moved on fast and you were quickly able to get inside the life of these grazy teens. When I watched the movie I thought “My oh my, those young people are arrogant and stupid”. My next thought was “Such a large amount of stuff”.

I didn’t know most of the young actors, with the expection of Emma Watson, who was as far from Hermoine (from Harry Potter) as you can be. They all acted okay and the movie turned out to be more interesting than I expected it to be. Music in the movie was unfamiliar to me, but it described spot on the chaotic life of these stealing and reckless young people. And at the end I was happy that they got caught.

This movie made me feel a little uncomfortable. Not because it was bad but for the sake of those young people. I felt that they were pleased about all the attention and publicity they got, but maybe that was what they wanted.

Anyway, I like the way Sofia Coppola makes movies, her style is, in my opinion, a bit different and seeing The Bling Ring was an interesting experience.

Little lated I read in a magazine that they were actually shooting some scenes in Paris Hilton’s house. Again, so much stuff…



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