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Mrs. Dalloway

When you read a classic, a book that is well known and is recognized, you just have to like it. If you don’t, you feel quilty. That’s what happened to me with Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Mrs. Dalloway is one of those books that you simply must adore. Some have said that it’s brilliant, fabulous, sharp-eyed, incisive, verbally rich and so on.

Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t like it. To me it was irregular and confusing. There was no plot, just random train of thoughts from a mixed bunch. It was very hard for me to read this book and it took me a while, although it’s not very long.

I must admit this. If it makes me a bad and uncultured person, so be it.

Mrs. Dalloway Virginia Woolf


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The Stonehenge Legacy

Another book from the sale, Sam Christer’s The Stonehenge Legacy.

I’ve read quite many books about conspiracy theories and old cults or secret societies. The Stonehenge Legacy was one more to that collection.

This book was a quick read. The story moved at a fast pace and had some interesting details in it yet some of the rituals described in the book were a bit disgusting. The story was interesting but not brilliant. The book held my attention throughout but it didn’t leave me with a feeling of a great reading experience.

I may remember this book later from Stonehenge which was an essential part of this book. I will not remember this book from it’s spectacular language or unusual plot. Just another thriller among other thrillers.


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I bought Rosamund Lupton’s book Sister from the sale. I’d never heard from this author before, so I didn’t know what to expect.

After I started to read, I wouldn’t have wanted to stop. The story was so intense, exciting and moving and it kept me in my chair for hours.

I’ve always thought that when someone has a feeling, inkling about something or someone, it’s almost always right. I’ve felt these sinking feelings or hunches myself and they turned out to be true. I have no idea where they come from, maybe it’s my subconscious connecting things that  happened earlier, I don’t know.

In Sister the hunch and persistence are an essential part of the story. One sister doesn’t loose her hope in finding the person who hurt her sister.  The persistence turns almost into compulsion and some people start to doubt and diminish the hunch. But it turns out to be true.

Love and relationship between sisters and their family is a big part too. Often relationships between family members are quite complicated and when something sad happens you may find new and surprising qualities from your loved ones or from yourself.

I felt true tension when I read this book, it was a mystery written very beautifully. Captivating, heartbreaking, thrilling, sad and touching story and I loved every page of it.


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Lone Survivor

I hardly ever watch war movies. Still, last week I went to see Lone Survivor with my son.

In Lone Survivor the violence is horrifying, but war is horrible and violent. Some have said that Lone Survivor is very realistic. I can’t say anything about that, I haven’t experienced war, luckily.

All in all Lone Survivor was quite an intense movie. Me and my son, we were gripped by the story and two hours went fast. Lone Survivor is not going to be my most favorite movie, but it was okay and left us feeling a little uncomfortable, so it must have affected us somehow.

After the movie I really felt sad for the sake of all the killed soldiers and their families. But I also felt sad  for the sake of those people who have to live their lives in the middle of wartime or with the constant fear for one’s life. I’m so lucky.

And I remembered why I rarely watch war movies, they are very oppressive.


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The Einstein Enigma

This book sounded interesting. It wasn’t. The Einstein Enigma by José Rodrigues Dos Santos was dull, so dull. Page after page a lot of scientific explanation. The book was filled with far more talk than action. Of course there was some action too, kidnapping, torture, complicated relationships and death. But it didn’t save the story.

The only touching part of this book was the part that described the relationship between the hero and his father and the illness of the father.

Some people surely enjoy many long dialogues about matter, energy and cosmology. I didn’t, I’m not THAT interested in these subjects. Not my favourite, not by any means.


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Dallas Buyers Club

I’ve used to seeing Matthew McConaughey as the handsome, gorgeous (sometimes a bit too slick) guy who shows his muscles and is an archetype of a healthy person. Well, not in this movie. In Dallas Byers Club, as Ron Woodroof,  he’s so skinny and almost unrecognizable. Quite an transformation, I say. Matthew McConaughey gives the best performance of his career so far. And there’s a  another great and touching performance in this movie too, from Jared Leto as Rayon.

The movie deals with some heavy subjects, AIDS, the dark side of medicine business and testing, prejudice, rejection, friendship, a strong will to keep on living. All Ron’s friends abandon him when they hear he is HIV-positive. Ron himself battles with his emotions, he has a hard time believing he has HIV. He also battles with his homophobic views and prejudices. But he wants to live, he has a strong zest for life and he’s not ready to give up. That persistence is the positive message of this movie. And also acceptance, you can, and sometimes you have to, change your opinions and views about life and other people. Even if something or someone is different, it doen’t mean it’s inferior.

The end is evidently sad and Dallas Byers Club is a tough film. But it’s also touching, brilliant and inspiring, I liked it very much. Undoubtably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.


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