Edge of Tomorrow

A lot of noise, chaos, big guns, combat, ugly aliens and the same day over and over again, that was Edge of Tomorrow.

Edge of Tomorrow was a positive surprise. In the beginnig I wasn’t so sure about the movie but after a (very short) while I was fully focused. Edge of Tomorrow was much smarter, sharper and funnier than I expected it to be. The movie was made with a twinkle in the eye, with tongue in cheek, I might say. It had humor and some good action.

Tom Cruise is still very believable as an action hero and he seems ageless. I like him more now when has more edge and some wrinkles in his eyes, when he’s not too smooth and slick. However, he has played several similar roles over the past few years, but let’s not hold it agains him. He has managed to stay on top for many years.

Emily Blunt was also good as a warrior woman with arms that I envy. I like female roles that are strong and invincible. The always make me feel that I can do anything.

I’m not a fan of sci-fi-films (although I’ve seen many) but I liked Edge of Tomorrow. It was entertaining, efficient and funny. There’s no need to analyse this movie more. It was what it was, pure action.



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