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The Imitation Game

Yet again over a month since I’ve been here. Time flies so fast. But I’m back and I want to say a word or two about The Imitation Game.

I didn’t know who Alan Turing was. And to tell you the truth I went to see this movie because Benedict Cumberbatch was playing the leading role. I’m not into mathematics or science.

But I’m very happy I did went to see The Imitation Game. The movie was entertaining and intriguing. It was touching and it made me mad. Such a huge unfairness, a brutal destiny of a man with a great talent. What a shame for those who forced him to live like that. It’s always hard when a person can’t be who he truly wants to be.

Benedict Cumberbatch gives a superbly brilliant, talented and nuanced performance and I think that he’s great, just great. Simply because of that I enjoyed the movie. But it was a great story too.

I have no bad things to say about The Imitation Game. It gave me moments of joy and sorrow. It gave entertainment and a portrait of an intelligent, and fairly unknown man. It’s good that this movie was made. I’m sure that today many more people know who Alan Turing was.



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The Railway Man

I’ve made an observation. When the movie people have watched is somehow emotive, sad, moving, shocking or something else, people in the movie theatre stay quietly in their seats even if the movie has ended. No hasty egress, no loud talking. Just stillness. This is what happened yesterday, when I went to see The Railway Man.

The movie was emotive. It touched me. And what makes it even more touching is that it is a true story. An incredible story about love, courage and forgiveness. Some people may find Colin Firth’s performance too quiet or too stiff. In my eyes it was just what it needed to be. A man who has experienced such horrible things as Eric Lomax, can’t be an archetype of happiness. Jeremy Irvine played the young Lomax. I didn’t know him before but he did a good jog.

As an actor, I love Colin Firth. There’s something very real and honest about everything he does. And, of course, there was Nicole Kidman as Lomax’s wife Patti (my husband loves Nicole Kidman, so he was happy). Nicole Kidman did a solid performance but it was an average one, I’ve seen better ones from her.

And the story. Unbelievable cruelty and unbelievable forgiveness. Eric Lomax must have a great heart because he was able to forgive all the horrible things that he had to go thru and even become friends with one of his torturers. An amazing thing, I say. I’ve heard someone say that you have to forgive the bad things that someone has done to you. Not because of the other person but because of yourself. That is the only way you can find peace. That’s what happened to Eric Lomax. All the many years of suffering after those horrible experiences. I’m happy that he found peace, at least I hope he did.

The movie woke up some thoughts in my head. If Eric Lomax was able to forgive such terrible acts, why aren’t we able to forgive smaller things? We carry grudges for years and years for so small reasons. Is it possible to forgive if the other person doesn’t regret? If the other person doesn’t realise that he or she has hurt you? Can you forgive just for the sake of yourself and let go? Big questions. I know I can’t, not yet.


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