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The Lone Ranger

Fist I must tell you that I’m a fan of Johnny Depp. But in all honesty I must also say that all of his movies aren’t that great. Some are brilliant, some are awful.

The Lone Rager is somewhere in between. I went to see this movie with my 13-year old son and he liked it very much. Maybe he was more of the target audience than me.

To me The Lone Ranger was a movie that I wouldn’t have watched without Johnny Depp. Tonto (character played by Johnny Depp) was sometimes funny. I’m not very familiar with the history of this character, so I can’t say how well of bad he does that. But I think that he plays Tonto with some of the same manners as Jack Sparrow, Depp’s maybe the most famous character from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Helena Bonham Carter was in a role very typical for her, Red Harrington, “a peg-legged whore with a gun in her leg”, as she describes the character in an interview. Armie Hammer was okay as John Reid, The Lone Ranger, but nothing special. Maybe even a little stiff.

A lot of action, some adventure and some western. Humour and silly lines, especially from Tonto, whose english was not quite right. I laughed a few times and I watched the whole movie, didn’t fall asleep and left the movie theatre with a smile on my face. Mission accomplished, right?

Average film from Johnny Depp, but that’s okay. The Lone Ranger was just what I expected it to be, so it didn’t let me down.



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