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Beautiful, mysterious, gloomy, fascinating, captivating, compelling. These are the words that come to my mind when I think about the books of Carlos Ruiz Zafón. His newest book Marina is no exception.

Poetic descriptions about the events and people in them. The writing is beautiful and of many words, wonderful words and I love each one of them. Marina kept me in my reading spot for hours and the only flaw was that it was quite short and ended quickly.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón has an unique way of using words and telling a story. I’ve read all his books and I’ve been bedazzled by each  of them.

Marina is a sad story. It tells about loneliness, friendship, mendacity, commitment, insanity, eternal love and loss. It has also a suspense factor with supernatural elements, some similarity to Frankenstein’s monster but in a different way.

When I read Marina, I was able to see the misty and rainy streets of Barcelona. I was able to feel the emotions and see all the horrible events in my mind.  I’m in love, I must say, in these books. I want more.



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