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World War Z

I was a bit doubtful about going to see World War Z, but I went. I’m not a friend of zombie movies, I can’t take them seriously. The crazier things go, crazier I laugh or just go do other things. Most of the zombie movies I’ve seen feast on blood and violence. Though, I’m no expert on these matters, I haven’t seen many.

In World War Z action started immediately, was fast-paced  and kept me in my chair for two hours. Modern technology allows movie makers to create amazing scenes. A surge of zombies and chaos, all fine. Gerry Lane (Bratt Pitt) trying to save the world with his hair swinging, I absolutely like that.

There was no blood and when the zombies attacked people, you couldn’t see much. I think that was good. I also think that those people who are zombie movie maniacs, won’t agree with me because it kind of removes the point of a zombie movie, right?

When a movie entertains me I think it has achieved at least one of it’s functions. I think World War Z was good entertainment. Excitement and action. No gluttony with eating people, blood or violence. Maybe that’s the reason I could watch it. I haven’t read the book that this movie is based on, so I can’t compare those two.

Happy ending (if you don’t think all those people who already turned into zombies) and the hero saved the world.



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We Need To Talk About Kevin

Some time has passed when I read and watched We Need To Talk About Kevin. Still, I have to say something about it.

I read the book a couple of years ago and, I must say, it was quite an experience. We Need To Talk About Kevin is a book that I will never forget, that’s for sure. I literally felt the pain that came across, in my stomach and in my heart.

Loving your children is sometimes hard. It’s something that a mother shouldn’t say, but it’s true. Motherhood isn’t always dancing on roses. Sometimes days are so hard you just want to cry. But you still love your children so much. And, as a mother I know that you almost always feel quilt. There’s always something you could have done better. There’s always something you did wrong.

We Need To Talk About Kevin describes vividly the difficult relationship of a mother and her disturbed son. So much trying, setbacks, quilt and other feelings. When the book drew on, I was crying, the end was so, so sad. One of the most emotional reading experiences of my life.

Then to the movie.

When I went to see the movie, I knew, of course, that it was not going to be a happy movie. I think Tilda Swinton was a good choice for the role of the mother. Her being is distant and somehow cold and it suited well to this movie. Ezra Miller’s (Kevin) stinging eyes were spot on.

I must say that the movies was a little disorganized. It helped, that I had read the book, I knew what to expect. When the movie came to the point when Kevin starts to kill his schoolmates with an arrow I was shocked, although I knew what was coming. Still, I think that the movie didn’t reach the same atmosphere as the book.

I prefer the book over the movie. This is, for sure a book that will divide opinions, but it touched my heart.

After I had read the book I went to find some information about Lionel Shriver, the author, and I found out that he was actually she, a woman named Margaret Ann Shriver.




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The overlook

I just read The overlook by Michael Connelly. I’ve read his books before and they have been okay, but not brilliant.

There’s not much to say about The overlook. An average book. I just read it and I don’t remember what was in it, the story escaped from my head immediately.

Well, I remember something, Harry Bosch, for example. And it had something to do with some poisonous chemical.

A mediocre detective story with nothing special. An easy pastime, no bother to my brains. That’s my opinion.


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After Earth

I went to see After Earth because my son asked me to go with him. I was thinking that I’m not interested in another “world has ended” -movie. But I went, because I wanted to go with my son.

After Earth turned out to be good entertainment. The movie was in the hands of two actors Will and Jaden Smith, and mostly Jaden Smith. After Earth was a movie of survival and a relationship between a father and a son. Kitai (Jaden Smith) had to face his fears and try to save himself and his father Chypher (Will Smith). There were some moments in this movie that made me feel excited, I was thinking “are they going to make it or not”. I knew they would, but it didn’t matter, a good action scene swept me along.

Guaranteed Hollywood entertainment from M. Night Shyamalan. If you want to put your brains off and enjoy some good action, go see this movie.

The only thing I was thinking was that would Jaden Smith be an actor in a leading role if his father wasn’t Will Smith? Maybe, maybe not.



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The Bling Ring

At fist I was thinking “Nah, I’m not going to see that”. Then I thought “Yeah, maybe”. A few days later I went to see The Bling Ring, the new movie of Sofia Coppola. I had no expectations, I went there just to spend time and relax.

There were three other women in the movie theatre, so it was just four of us. I must admid that I was in an early showing and it was weekday (it was my holiday), so that might be the reason for so few viewers.

The Bling Ring moved on fast and you were quickly able to get inside the life of these grazy teens. When I watched the movie I thought “My oh my, those young people are arrogant and stupid”. My next thought was “Such a large amount of stuff”.

I didn’t know most of the young actors, with the expection of Emma Watson, who was as far from Hermoine (from Harry Potter) as you can be. They all acted okay and the movie turned out to be more interesting than I expected it to be. Music in the movie was unfamiliar to me, but it described spot on the chaotic life of these stealing and reckless young people. And at the end I was happy that they got caught.

This movie made me feel a little uncomfortable. Not because it was bad but for the sake of those young people. I felt that they were pleased about all the attention and publicity they got, but maybe that was what they wanted.

Anyway, I like the way Sofia Coppola makes movies, her style is, in my opinion, a bit different and seeing The Bling Ring was an interesting experience.

Little lated I read in a magazine that they were actually shooting some scenes in Paris Hilton’s house. Again, so much stuff…


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The Lone Ranger

Fist I must tell you that I’m a fan of Johnny Depp. But in all honesty I must also say that all of his movies aren’t that great. Some are brilliant, some are awful.

The Lone Rager is somewhere in between. I went to see this movie with my 13-year old son and he liked it very much. Maybe he was more of the target audience than me.

To me The Lone Ranger was a movie that I wouldn’t have watched without Johnny Depp. Tonto (character played by Johnny Depp) was sometimes funny. I’m not very familiar with the history of this character, so I can’t say how well of bad he does that. But I think that he plays Tonto with some of the same manners as Jack Sparrow, Depp’s maybe the most famous character from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Helena Bonham Carter was in a role very typical for her, Red Harrington, “a peg-legged whore with a gun in her leg”, as she describes the character in an interview. Armie Hammer was okay as John Reid, The Lone Ranger, but nothing special. Maybe even a little stiff.

A lot of action, some adventure and some western. Humour and silly lines, especially from Tonto, whose english was not quite right. I laughed a few times and I watched the whole movie, didn’t fall asleep and left the movie theatre with a smile on my face. Mission accomplished, right?

Average film from Johnny Depp, but that’s okay. The Lone Ranger was just what I expected it to be, so it didn’t let me down.


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The time in between

The time in between (El tiempo entre costuras). María Dueñas has written a wonderful book. I must admit, in all honesty, that in the beginning this book seemed (just a little) boring. But I was persistent and kept reading. It was worth it. Sewing, relationships, history, war, espionage and more. I’ve never read a story like this, and I’ve read a lot. Over 600 pages was nothing.

I worried, stressed, rejoiced and loved with Sira, the heroine of the book. It was so interesting to accompany Sira through all the difficult and happy moments of her life. I love handcafts and the description of  fashion is fascinating.

Sira is a seamstress. In the beginning she’s innocent and naive. She is also brave, persistent, patient and humble by nature. At the same time she’s deceptive and knows how to present herself as a woman who knows all and doesn’t give a s**t about other people. In the end she’s a grown-up, confident woman. And the end is happy, that always makes me happy.

I recommed this book to those who love handcrafts, fashion, history and a good story.


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