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The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Oh dear, what a story.

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, written by John Boyne. Innocence of childhood and open-mindedness is the heart of this story. Two little boys just don’t understand why they have to be on different sides of the barbed wire fence. Why can’t they just play together? What is happening on the other side of the fence? Why all those people look so sad and wear striped pyjamas? Curiosity, nothing good came of it in this book.

Children are not prejudiced by nature, they learn it from other people. When they are little, they are open-minded and show honest interest in things. I wish we could all keep that when we grow up.

This book will definitely stay in my mind for a long time. When I realised what’s going to happen, I put my hand to the front of my mouth, I was so shocked. What a sad story. Beatiful in a way, at the same time very, very ungly.

I heard, that a movie has been made based on this book. I’m not sure I want to see it.

One unforgettable book.



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The Drowning

First a word or two about Camilla Läckberg. She has written crime novels, children’s books, cookery books and short stories. In addition to that she’s part-owner of the jewellery company Sahara Silver and she’s an ambassador for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. She’s truly a multi-talented writer.

I’ve never read Läckberg’s books before. I while ago I bought The Drowning, a crime novel written by her. The book was a positive surprise. In the beginning the story moved on a little slowly but after a few dozen of pages it started to take a run-up and  I was hooked.

The story, the things that had happened in the past, was disgusting. Horrible things happened to innocent children. How much one person can bear without breaking? In this book he broke, badly. Disturbance of the mind can lead to serious results. And other people can feel guilt for the rest of their lives. Others have no feelings of guilt, nor regret. Interesting journey of exploration to people’s minds.

I could see some things coming but The Drowning wasn’t too foreseeable. I enjoyed reading a good crime novel, yet again written by a Scandinavian author. The only flaw was the slow start.

the drowning


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Knots and Crosses

I took this book from a recycle your books -bookshelf in the library. I had no idea what it was nor I had expectations.

Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin, another mediocre detective story with nothing original or memorable. I’ve already forgotten what the book was about. It was not bad, it just didn’t stay in my head or resonate.

I could read Ian Rankin’s books again, because there was potential in Knots and Crosses. Maybe his other books are more intriguing.

Knots and Crosses went back to the recycle your book -bookshelf.


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Sankta Psyko

This book drew my attention because of it’s name, Sankta Psyko. Then I read the back of the book and I was interested. I went to the library and borrowed it. It took me only a few days to read it.

Sankta Psyko is written by Johan Theorin, yet another Swedish writer. I find myself reading a lot of books written by Scandinavian writers, especially thrillers.

I had no idea what was coming. Little by little the story of the main character Jan, and some other people, start to open. It’s like pealing an onion, layer by layer, little by little, with some tears. They all work in the day car center for the children whose parent, mother or father, is in the mental institution. Visits to the hospital, Sankta Psyko. Desperate search of a women that was Jan’s crush when he was younger.  He has not been able to forget her, Rami, and Jan thinks she’s in Sankta Psyko. Well, she’s not. He thinks everything is the way he imagines. It’s not.

Some other people, coworkers of Jan, try desperately to find the truth about a missing young man, murdered. And the killer in the hospital, not telling anything. They think everything is the way they imagine. It’s not.

Many things happening at the hospital at night, that’s for sure. And there’s no happy ending.

The only thing that bothers me is the ending. It confused me and it was not what I expected it to be. I’m not sure if I liked it, I haven’t decided yet. I didn’t fully understand it. But, as a whole, I liked the book and I will surely read more Theorin’s books.


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Yves Saint Laurent

Last weeks second movie was Yves Saint Laurent, a very different from Transcendence. I don’t know very much about the life of Yves Saint Laurent. Of course, I know who he is and what he has done, but details about his life were (are) unknown. So, I had no idea what was coming, when I went to see the movie.

A very large movie theatre, very little people. There was about 10 people, all women, with the exception of one man who came to see the movie with his wife or girlfriend. Plenty of room to choose where you want to sit.

The movie portrays Yves Sain Laurent as a very talented, genius man, who is also very shy, nervous and sad. His life is, in my eyes, a mess, and the only time he knows what to do is when he designs clothes. I can feel his desperation and his pain.

The movie also tells about incredible loyalty. Yves Saint Laurents relationship with Pierre Bergé, his long-time lover and companion. There’s cheating, mistreat, love and loyalty that bears all this  misbehaviour and lasts until the day Yves Saint Laurent dies.

I must say that Pierre Niney does a fine job. I’ve never head of him but now I will remember him. He may have been a bit too sleek at times, especially during the scenes where the movie describes the times in the 70’s, drug abuse and other freat-out.

In spite of the tragic life of Yves Saint Laurent, the movie was somehow beautiful. The music was also great. There has been a long time since I’ve been able to watch a French movie form start to finish (I’m sorry, I don’t particularly like French movies). So, the movies was well worth the watch.

I can’t say anything about the truthfulness of the story. If it’s all accurate, I feel sad.


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I went to the movies twice this week. The first movie was Transcendence so I will write about it first.

I was so excited when I heard that there was a new Johnny Depp -movie (as he’s one of my favourite actors). However, I was a little suspicious because the movie was science fiction, it’s not my favourite movie genre. But, as I’ve decided, I’m goint to go and see every movie where Johnny is acting so I went to see Transcendence with my son.

Transcendence was average. It had it’s moments but at times it was a little too slow-paced, yet not boring. The topic was interesting but it was handled in an usual way. Humans try to control with technology but everything turns upside down and the technology starts to take power over humans. In Transcendence there are some great actors, in addition to Johnny Depp, such as Morgan Freeman and Paul Bettany. Those excellent talents don’t lift the movie higher. What would’ve Transcendence been without these talented people? And what about Rebecca Hall, the leading lady in this movie? There’s something about her that I don’t like much. I think she’s a little stony. It feels like she doesn’t give her heart to the role. I may be wrong, but that’s how I felt.

Transcendence entertained me for two hours, but would I watch it again? Probably not. It was a mediocre Johnny Depp -movie. Though, I must say, it was much better than the previous movie, Lone Ranger (review here).

I admire Johnny Depp. His careless, cool and ageless style and his talent. Yet, he hasn’t made very good movies over the past years. All of them have been a little indifferent. It’s a shame because I think he could do so much more. Or maybe he doesn’t care if the movie is a hit or not.


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Bridget Jones – Mad About The Boy

I love Bridget Jones -movies and I’ve read the books also, so I was excited to hear that there’s a new Bridget Jones -book. Mad About The Boy.

What I love about Bridget is that she has the ability to laugh at herself. The books (and movies) have humour, love and silly everyday events, and the reader (and the viewer) can relate to them. Bridget is a girl next door, added with little silly features.

Mad About The Boy was also funny, there was love and silly everyday events. There was motherhood and children, lice and bedtime stories. It has a happy ending.

But I also felt that Bridget was a little too immature and very desperate. By desperate I don’t mean her grief over dead husband Marc but the despair about ageing and finding a man in her life. Nonetheless, these are the topics that are familiar to many women. Ageing scares people, so does loneliness.

Besides, it sucks that Marc died. Why couldn’t Bridget have her happy ending with him after all the fuss? That would have been a good way to finish the story of Bridget.

Mad About The Boy was a good read, one time. If they make a movie of it, I may see it. Another book to leave behind.

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