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The Sandman

Do you want to know what’s even better than Jo Nesbø’s books. I’ll tell you shortly but first I want to thank you all for reading my blog. It’s a real pleasure to share my thoughts with people who appreciate books and movies. I wrote my first writing on the 8th of July this year and I’m so happy to see so many of you here. Thank you!

Now I tell you about a book that kept me in my chair for hours last weekend. The Sandman written by Lars Kepler. I started to read The Sandman and I wasn’t able to stop, I just wanted to read and read and know what is going to happen next. I could actually feel the excitement in my stomach and I wanted to read faster, turn the pages quickly, I wanted more.

In Lars Kepler’s book the action starts right away. The short chapters make you want more and the excitement speeds up towards the end. A real suspense novel, I say. The main character, the police, Joona Linna, is an honest and straightforward guy who does what he has to do and  who wants to protect his nearest and dearest to the end. And he wants to hunt down all the murderers and other criminals and he does it well. As a person, Joona Linna is not so troubled as some of his colleagues in other detective stories.

What’s interesting about Lars Kepler is that Lars is actually two people, a married couple Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril. It’s also interesting that you, as a reader, are not able to see the difference in the text, you have no idea who has written what. I was fortunate to meet Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril in a book store last year. I’ve also read all their books, The Hypnotist, The Nightmare, The Fire Witness and now the Sandman. Some of the best books I have ever read.



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We’re the Millers

Drugdealer, stripper, virgin, runaway, that’s the Millers. I didn’t expect much when I went to see We’re the Millers, I only knew it would be a comedy.

I didn’t know Jason Sudeikis, who was playing David Clark (drugdealer). I did know Emma Roberts (Casey Mathis, runaway), Will Poulter (Kenny Rossmore, virgin) and, of course, Jennifer Aniston (Rose O’Reilly, stripper). They all hate each other but end up pretending to be a family. Endless arguing and bickering. Lousy sexist jokes and not so funny jokes about something else. Plenty of troubles and some dead people. And in the end the bad guys end up in the hand of the police force.

I remember Will Poulter from the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. In that movie he was smaller and played a very annoying boy Eustace Scrubb, the cousin of the Pevensie children. In We’re the Millers he is a teenager but his manners are the same.

When I watched the film I was thinking, in all honesty, “what am I doing here”. We’re the Millers was not a movie for me. I’m not into miserable sexist jokes or potty humour. I know why I went to see it, because of Jennifer Aniston. I always fall into the illusion that she makes watchable movies because she was so good in Friends. I must say that Jennifer Aniston looks so good and she’s beautiful. But why does she make so crappy movies? Her movies are always something like We’re the Millers, mediocre and not so funny comedies. I’m sorry, I don’t like.

But there was something good in We’re the Millers. In the beginning, forced to be a family, these lonely people end up loving each other and that’s a nice thing.


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Let the Devil Sleep

Another detective story I like. Let the Devil Sleep by John Verdon. The main character in this book is homicide detective Dave Gurney, or retired detective actually. Verdon always writes interesting stories, I’ve read his other books Shut Your Eyes Tight and Think of a Number. Especially Think of a Number was so, so exciting I couldn’t put it down.

Let the Devil Sleep is not as brilliant as Think of a Number. Still it’s a very good detective story. I also like how Verdon describes the relationship between Gurney and his wife Madeline. There is warmth and trust between those two and it’s a nice story beside all the murders and crimes. It’s also interesting to follow how Gurney tries to cope his problems that are result of the situation when he was shot. And how, when he gets in to the investigation, he forgets almost all his pain and anxiety.

Let the Devil Sleep is a good mystery, thrilling, addictive and definitely worth reading. It would be nice if someone would make movies based on Verdon’s books.


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I really like the books written by Jo Nesbø and I’ve read all the book form the Harry Hole series.

There’s always a very intense atmosphere in Jo Nesbø’s books. There’s also cruel violence and  harsh and insensitive people. Harry Hole, the main character, doesn’t care about the rules. He’s got a lot of problems but, I think, he won’t give up without a fight.

I’m hooked on these books. The plot is always fast-paced and very interesting. With every book you can follow, in addition to a good crime story, the  life of Harry Hole. His tempestuous relationship with the love of his life, Rakel. His battle with alcoholism. Harry Hole is not polished, he’s rough and hard but still vulnerable. He’s also tough and charismatic.

The newest, Police, was almost as good as the other books. The story was dynamite and I would have wanted to just read and read. But, I must say, Jo Nesbø’s book The Snowman was better.

There’s a lot of books where the main character is a police with personal problems of some kind. To me, Jo Nesbø does it best and he is one of my favorite authors.



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Another Ben Affleck -movie, Argo this time. I’m sometimes have a siege mentality towards movies that have won the Oscars. Some of the movies that have received THE statue have been in the group of worst movies I’ve ever seen.

Argo was a good movie but, to me, it was not brilliant. Ben Affleck’s performance is good, maybe his best (in my opinion, as he’s not my favorite). The story was interesting and suspenseful but a little hang fire. Yet I think that Ben Affleck is improving, both as an actor and as a director.

To me, not the best movie of the year. And, I must tell you, my husband fell asleep…


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Runner Runner

We, my husband and I, wanted to go to the movies yesterday and we chose Runner Runner because it suited our schedule.

I’m not a fan of Ben Affleck, in my opinion he is not a very good actor. In Runner Runner his stiff being suited the role of a bad guy (but it doesn’t mean I like him…), so it was almost okay. Justin Timberlake was also okay. Gemma Arterton was okay. Everything was almost okay.

Runner Runner started slowly. Some action happened and it gave the movie a little push. The place, Costa Rica, was exotic and interesting. The evil guy was caught, the good guy gets the girl and so on. I can’t belive I’m saying this, but the best part of this movie was actually Ben Affleck and his cool and rigid performance. And It’s still  a little hard for me to think Justin Timberlake as an actor, but I’ve seen worse.

Another mediocre movie, not very intriguing or special, just average. It was almost like routine, no passion, no fervency.

I went, I watched, I’m not going to watch again.


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I’ve read all books written by Dan Brown. Some of then are very entertaining, some of them aren’t. There are many opinions about the literary values of his books but he is very popular so there must be something about his books that interest people, me included.

I just read the newest book Inferno and I liked it almost as much as The Da Vinci code. What I like in Dan Brown’s books is that the action starts right away, you don’t have to wait 100 pages for the story to get started. In Inferno the story is interesting and scary too. I enjoyed the descriptions of many historical buildings, art and historical events. I have no idea about the truthfulness of these descriptions but, either way, I enjoyed reading about them.

Inferno is an entertaining book. Action, dangerous circumstances and even some surprises in the plot. At the end part of the book happens a thing I didn’t expect.

Inferno is not going to get the same respect as some classics, like War and Peace (In my opinion, some of the classics are absolutely boring and the great reverence of those classics is excessive). To me, it’s important that the book that I’m reading is interesting, entertaining and gives me time to relax and get my thoughts away of stress and sometimes busy life. Inferno was just that.

A few words about the movies that are made based on Brown’s books, The Da Vinci code and Angels & Demons. They were both a bit disappointing.  I have a huge respect for Tom Hanks as an actor but in my eyes he’s not Robert Langdon. Both movies were also a little boring, well made but blunt. If someone makes a movie based on Inferno, I’m still going to go and see it, even with the risk of falling asleep.


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