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American Hustle

Many movies that are nominated or have won an Oscar aren’t on my favourite list of movies. I went to see American Hustle with some doubts.

I loved the acting in this movie. Christian Bale was great with his belly and toupée. So was Amy Adams (she’s so beautiful) and Jennifer Lawrence. Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner were the same as usual. I think Bradley Cooper was better in Silver Linings Playbook. I don’t know what to say about Jeremy Renner, to me his an average actor.

And then to the story. I think it was a little bit boring. In the middle of the movie my concentration got lost for a while. I got it back, but it told me that the movie was not so great as I wanted it to be. I didn’t feel anything special after the movie. To me, that’s a significant minus.

The movie was not bad nor it was great. American Hustle has great costumes, set desing, music and acting. It’s just that the story wasn’t interesting enough. To be honest, based on all the praises, I expected more. But American Hustle was worth the watch, one time. After this one time I can forget about it.



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The Boy in the Suitcase

The Boy in the Suitcase, a book by Agnete Friis & Lene Kaaberbøll, is yet another Scandinavian thriller novel. I’m quite a fan of Scandinavian detective stories, but this book didn’t convince me.

When I read the description of the book, it seemed intresting. A boy in a suitcase, what has happened? In the beginning, when I started to read The Boy in the Suitcase, the story was kind of intriguing. When I read more, it started to annoy me. The story didn’t move forward as smoothly I would’ve wanted it to move. The main character Nina, acted stupidly, I think, so the story was not convincing.

I finished the book but it left me feeling a little unsatisfied. There was something missing. The Boy in the Suitcase didn’t rise to the level of addictive thriller stories. It left me wondering wether it was ment to be a thriller novel, I don’t know.

Thriller or not, I wasn’t sad when the book ended.


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Dog Day

Dog Day (Petra Delicado Mysteries, # 2) is a detective story written by Alicia Giménez Bartlett.

The lead characters in this book are detective Petra Delicado and her policeman partner Garzon. What I liked about this book, as well as in book Death Rites (Petra Delicado Mysteries, #1), is the friendship between these two very different people. They are colleagues but they also care for each other as friends. Their discussions are humorous as well as moving. Their support to each other is genuine and sincere. They are humane, they are like real people.

The story dealt with dogs. I’m not an animal person, but the dogs didn’t bother me. What bothered me that the story was not very unique or addictive. It was good, but it was not brilliant. To me, the narration was a little plain, too simple. I had this feeling that the book didn’t quite get to it’s peak and left me wanting something more. The crime was solved, so it wasn’t that.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly the missing elements that you would’ve liked to have in a book. Some books have those elements, some don’t and some rest in the middle. Dog Day is in the middle. I probably will read the next Petra Delicado mystery, if it comes, so Death Rites or Dog Day were not that bad.


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Winter’s Tale

I’m not a fan of Colin Farrel nor Russell Crowe. In spite of that I went to see Winter’s Tale. I wanted to see something light, beautiful and romantic. I got all that.

The movie engrossed all my attention. It was visually beautiful and a lovely fairy tale for adults. I didn’t expect Winter’s Tale to be one of the greatest masterpieces ever. I wanted it to be entertaining and I wanted it to take my thoughts away for a while. It did just that.

I think that we grown-ups are most of the time too serious, controlled and concerned. We need more fairy tales and fantasy to our lives, at least I do. You dont’ have to take everything so seriously, you can just go with the flow and sink into a light story and beautiful images. It’s refreshing.

The performances of the actors and actresses were average but it didn’t disturb me. And Jessica Brown-Findlay was so beautiful, radiant, I might say.

No matter what critics or other reviewers say, I loved Winter’s Tale. I even liked Colin Farrell, as much as I’m able to like him. And Russell Crowe, well, he was Russell Crowe.

I want more fairy tales, please.

Soon I will read the book also.


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The Monuments Men

War theme continues, but with a different kind of war movie, The Monuments Men.

The story was interesting, that’s why I went to see this movie. A movie based on a true story about a group of men tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their owners. In this unlikely group there’s many familiar faces, John Goodman (as Walter Garfield), Bill Murray (as Richard Campbell), Matt Damon (as James Granger), Bob Balaban (as Preston Savitz), Jean Dujardin (as Jean Claude Clermont) and George Clooney (as Frank Stokes). And always so lovely Cate Blanchett as Claire Simone. When I went to see The Monuments Men I expected it to be more of an action movie. It wasn’t.

Many famous and talented actors. Yet, the movie didn’t quite reach to the highest level of entertainment. It was okay, sometimes a little slow, watchable. The Monuments Men is not memorable and somehow I didn’t feel the excitement after the movie, although some of the great masterpieces of art was saved.

There was something missing, I just can’t say what it was.


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August: Osage County

August: Osage County was not a light movie, no. It’s full of snide remarks, quarreling, resentment, envy, jealousy and bitterness.

It’s also filled with great performances from some brilliant actresses and actors.

Meryl Streep is, in my opinion, one of the greatest, a true legend. I always enjoy her performance and she has the ability to transform to all the demands that the role needs. I feel great respect for her as an actress.

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my favourite actors from the younger generation. I’ve enjoyed his talent in Sherlock. In August: Osage County he has a smaller role, but he does it well.

A horribly dysfunctional family. Many secrets, some quite heavy. A movie that made me feel discomfort. It made me think of my own family. My father that I hardly ever see. My mother, who has problems with  alcohol. Almost every family has it’s own problems. Envy and bitterness. Relationships are not easy and just because someone belongs to the same family as you, doesn’t mean you are able to like them or get along. It’s a thing that makes, atleast me, feel quilty. I should like my father. I try to ignore the fact that we’re not close, but from time to time it comes to my mind and I feel sad.

This train of thoughts reminds me of something that Carrie Bradshaw says in one of the episodes of Sex and the City. This is it “The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others you don’t. But, in the end, they’re the people you always come home to. Sometimes it’s the family you’re born into and sometimes it’s the one you make for yourself.”

Well, one thought led to another. Back to August: Osage County. I liked the movie very much, although it was heavy. I didn’t feel happy, when I left the movie theatre, but it had something that touched my heart.


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