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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

What should I say about Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. It’s not very original, it’s conventional. It’s average. A decent watch and even a little entertaining.

As a character, Jack Ryan is also average. There are many more better action heroes than Jack. In this movie, Jack Ryan is based on the character created by Tom Clancy. I haven’t read Clancy’s books, so I can’t say much about that part.

I didn’t like much the cast of the movie. Chris Pine (as Jack Ryan) looks puffy and Keira Knightley (Jacks fiancée Cathy) acts with her usual manners (and I don’t like them much). Kenneth Branagh played the bad guy Viktor Cherevin. Kevin Costner, well Kevin Costner is Kevin Costner, but in this movie his role had no real challenge.

There’s nothing much to say about this movie. I saw it, I will forget it, quite soon.



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The Happiness Project

I’ve read various books about happiness and positive thinking. Most of them have been bland and full of insignificant nonsense. Nevertheless, I still try to find interesting books about this subject.

I’ve always been a little negative personality. I’ve usually thought the worst  and I’ve always had sinking feelings about things. I easily nag and see other people’s flaws instead of their good qualities. A couple of years ago I started to think that I don’t want to be that person anymore. It was hard for myself to be like that. That’s when I started to read all kinds of book.

Last week I read a book by Gretchen Ruben, The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closet, Fight Right, Read Aristoteles, and Generally Have More Fun. What I liked about this book was that it was practical, down to earth.

Several things that Gretchen Ruben did to be become happier, are not suitable for me. There was also common things, negativity, nagging, unfinished tasks and so on. Anyhow, the book was mediocre but fun to read.

But one thing went down pretty hard. Many of those thing that piss me off are actually things that I want to be done a certain way. I want the mugs to be in a specific order. Why should I expect others to do these things my way? I’m doing these thing for me and for me only. That’s what I realized. And I don’t know why it took me so long to see this. This doesn’t mean that I have to do everything, for example, housework should be shared evenly. But I have to separate those things that have to be shared from those things that I do for me. And the things that I do for me, well, stop nagging.

I also realized that I have to laugh more. My younger son once said to me, when I was laughing with tears in my eyes, that “Mum, nice to see you laughing, I hardly ever see you laughing”. That was quite a shock to me. Is that true? If it is, I have change it, immediately.

So, thank you, Gretchen Ruben, for making me see that one thing that I haven’t seen. It only took me 4o years, but, step by step, I’m developing and becoming a better person. That way a happier person, I hope.


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Another Jason Statham -movie with my son. My dear, calm, considerate, polite and sweet son admires Jason Statham.

Last Saturday we went to see Homefront. With Statham there was James Franco and Winona Ryder (and, of course, many others). The story was simple, a man (Phil Broker) wanted to be left alone and when he was not able to live in peace, he started to defend his home and his daughter. And he won them all, all those bad guys that tried to interfere.

Jason Statham has done many action movies. Well, obviously he is good at what he does, playing a hard-faced guy. He doesn’t smile much, at least in his movies. He should, he looks more handsome when he smiles. I saw that smile in Homefront a couple of times.

The screenplay of Homefront was written by another star, Sylvester Stallone. James Franco was okay as the bad guy, Morgan ‘Gator’ Bodine. Winona Ryder (as Sheryl Marie Mott) was also okay, but nothing special. What I like about James Franco is that he has eyes that seem to smile all the time, even if he’s not smiling.

All in all, Homefront was a basic action movie and it was better than I expected it to be. I’ve seen so many movies starring Jason Statham, that I’ve started to think that he’s actually quite cool. Should I be worried?



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My sister, my love

Not for me, no. Joyce Carol Oates is surely very distinguished writer, but I was not able to read her book My sister, my love. When I read the description of the story from the cover of the book, I thought it would be interesting. Well, the theme was interesting, but I didn’t like the  writing style of Oates. Disordered writing,  useless spaces    between    words and all those footnotes*. Annoying footnotes that interrupted me and made me lose my concentration.

I started to read the book. After about 100 pages  I thought “Why in the world am I reading this. If I don’t like, I don’t have to”. So I didn’t, I stopped. One of the worst books I have ever started to read.


*I mean, what is this. In a novel, all the time. I’m not going to read the small print on the bottom of the page. If you have something to say, say it in a normal text, please. That’s annoying.

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