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The Partner and The Testament

John Grisham has written many book but, until last month, I hadn’t read none of those books. I’ve seen a lot of movies based on Grisham’s books, but that’s all.

One day I was looking for something to read from my bookshelf and I noticed that I had two Grisham’s book there, The Partner and The Testament. I have no idea where I’d gotten them, but there they where.

I started with The Testament and then grabbed on to The Partner.

Both books dealt with somehow similar subject. Rich lawyers undergo a life-chancing experience and they start to re-evaluate their lives and motives. They start to have a guilty conscience and they want to change their lives. Remorse, repent and a desire to do the right thing, those are the main things in these books. A will to make a change in one’s  life live in their heart of hearts. I guess that the main message was that money can’t make you happy. If you’re lonely and you don’t have purpose in your life, you’re unhappy. But, I must say, I don’t underestimate the value of money, if you don’t have enough money, your life can be very hard.

I liked both books. These two book may not be the most well-known books of Grisham, at least I had’t head from them (although I had them, maybe for many years… my bookshelf is quite big and full of books). They were not the best books I’ve ever read but they interested me so that I will definitely will read more books written by Grisham.

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