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True Love

When Jennifer Lopez brought her Dance Again World Tour to my city I was excited. It was her first worldwide concert tour and to see her perform was in my To do -list. The evening was one of the greatest moments of my life. The atmosphere in the concert was amazing. I know Jennifer Lopez is not the worlds greatest singer or actor, but she can take her audience and the warmth of her personality really came through. She has this unbelievable aura, she’s magical on stage, she’s beautiful and she is truly a great performer.

When I found out that True Love, her first book, was to be publiced, I was eager to get it and read it. I pre-ordered it and it came to me as soon as it came for sale.

The book is just as beautiful as Jennifer. A lot of pictures and honest talk about her problems with her low self-esteem, lack of self-respect and the divorce form Marc Anthony. Lovely pictures, not just those where she’s all dressed up, but with children and without makeup (she’s so beautiful).

It’s also interesting to read all the details about her Dance Again World Tour. I wish I had had this book before I went to see the concert, because I realised, when reading True Love, how much details and stories there are behind every song and every detail. How much of herself she actually gave us that day. But I must admit, I felt it, I truly did. In a concert as huge as it was, everything is planned, of course. But I didn’t realise that she was telling her story through this concert. Now, when I realise it, it’s even more beautiful and amazing.

I read the book in one day, I just couldn’t let it out of my hands. Jennifer Lopez has been my idol a long time. She has achieved so much by working very hard. Music, movies, perfumes, clother, she’s done it. I wish I had this kind of determination to pursue my dreams. It truly needs determination to achieve as much as she has.

This book is a gift to her fans. If you are not interested in Jennifer Lopez, well, you don’t want to read this book. True Love is a delightful, honest, touching, funny, inspiring and heartbreaking book and I loved it. It’s also comforting to know that no matter how huge a star you are, you’re still a human being with all the problems and happy moments of life.

I can’t judge this books literary value and I think that I don’t have to. Because that’s not the point of this book. The point, to me, was to get to know a little about a woman named Jennifer Lopez. The point also was to enjoy,  see beauty and have a pleasant reading experience. That’s what it offered me. After this book, I’m  bedazzled and full of positive thinking. Thank you!



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The Railway Man

I’ve made an observation. When the movie people have watched is somehow emotive, sad, moving, shocking or something else, people in the movie theatre stay quietly in their seats even if the movie has ended. No hasty egress, no loud talking. Just stillness. This is what happened yesterday, when I went to see The Railway Man.

The movie was emotive. It touched me. And what makes it even more touching is that it is a true story. An incredible story about love, courage and forgiveness. Some people may find Colin Firth’s performance too quiet or too stiff. In my eyes it was just what it needed to be. A man who has experienced such horrible things as Eric Lomax, can’t be an archetype of happiness. Jeremy Irvine played the young Lomax. I didn’t know him before but he did a good jog.

As an actor, I love Colin Firth. There’s something very real and honest about everything he does. And, of course, there was Nicole Kidman as Lomax’s wife Patti (my husband loves Nicole Kidman, so he was happy). Nicole Kidman did a solid performance but it was an average one, I’ve seen better ones from her.

And the story. Unbelievable cruelty and unbelievable forgiveness. Eric Lomax must have a great heart because he was able to forgive all the horrible things that he had to go thru and even become friends with one of his torturers. An amazing thing, I say. I’ve heard someone say that you have to forgive the bad things that someone has done to you. Not because of the other person but because of yourself. That is the only way you can find peace. That’s what happened to Eric Lomax. All the many years of suffering after those horrible experiences. I’m happy that he found peace, at least I hope he did.

The movie woke up some thoughts in my head. If Eric Lomax was able to forgive such terrible acts, why aren’t we able to forgive smaller things? We carry grudges for years and years for so small reasons. Is it possible to forgive if the other person doesn’t regret? If the other person doesn’t realise that he or she has hurt you? Can you forgive just for the sake of yourself and let go? Big questions. I know I can’t, not yet.


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The Sherlockian

The Sherlockian by Graham Moore was entertaining. I bought this book from sale and it was cheap. I started to read it with no expectations and I was positively surprised. The story was well written and interesting, so it took me only a few days to read it. I enjoyed the two stories, the present day and the historical tale with Arthur Conan Doyle and Bram Stroker. Two different crime stories in two different times.

When I read this book, it made me want to read the real Sherlock Holmes stories. I’ve read only The Hound of the Baskervilles. Maybe I’ll go to the library and lend me some books of Conan Doyle.

The Sherlockian is not the best book I’ve ever read but it was well worth the money I spent on it. Probably I’ll forget about it soon, but it offered me some good entertainment. Mission accomplished.

the sherlockian

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The overlook

I just read The overlook by Michael Connelly. I’ve read his books before and they have been okay, but not brilliant.

There’s not much to say about The overlook. An average book. I just read it and I don’t remember what was in it, the story escaped from my head immediately.

Well, I remember something, Harry Bosch, for example. And it had something to do with some poisonous chemical.

A mediocre detective story with nothing special. An easy pastime, no bother to my brains. That’s my opinion.


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