Brick Mansions

I must say that my movie selection has expanded over the last few years, when my sons have grown up. For example, Brick Mansions, the movie I went to see with my son. This is a movie that I wouln’t have chosen to see.

Brick Mansions is a movie about class warfare, witch is surely real life in almost everywhere. Brick Mansions is also an action movie. In addition, it’s a Parkour-movie. In spite of all this it was very average, even a little below. Even with deceased Paul Walker and his blue eyes and David Belle’s amazing Parkour-moves and athletic virtuosity Brick Mansions didn’t contain any great acting. RZA’s character Tremaine mumbled something that I couldn’t understand and other actors were a bit lame too. The plot wasn’t engaging and all the action scenes were so long and somehow boring that I lost my focus.

But my son liked it so I’m happy that I was able to share this movie with him.

One Sheet_final.indd


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