Grace of Monaco

This movie I went to see alone (guys didn’t want to see it, why?). Grace of Monaco.

I had no high expectations of this movie, but I still wanted to see it. Grace Kelly is an iconic character and, I think, it’s always hard to play these type of people. Almost everyone has an opinioin about them and it’s almost impossible to play them and be as “good” as the role model.

Grace of Monaco was visually beautiful, it looks gorgeous, that I must say. As for the story, witch is partly fictionalized, it didn’t touch me much. The athmosphere was somehow shallow and Nicole Kidman has made much better performances than this (for example Virginia Wolf in The Hours, amazing). There’s no doubt, Nicole Kidman has some of that same radiance and elegance that Grace Kelly had, but somehow it doesn’t shine so bright in this movie. One thing is also a little unclear to me, what kind of a story they wanted to tell to the audience, when they made this movie? Political story, love story? I don’t know.

Grace Kelly is portrayed as an outspoken, independent, determined and kind woman who has difficulties in adapting herselt to all the demands that royal life requires. Maybe that part is true.

If you don’t think too much or expect too much, Grace of Monaco is an okay movie and you can watch it one time. It doen’t leave you gasping, it doesn’t mesmerize you. It’s a shame because it could’ve been all that.



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