All The Truth That’s in Me

There has been many words of praise about this book, “A distinctive novel that incudes a powerful message”, “A tale of uncommon elegancy, power and originality”. That’s what some say about All The Truth That’s in Me, by Julie Berry. It’s just confusing when you read a book and you don’t see those highly praised elements in it.

Is there any other who didn’t love the book, because I didn’t like it. Usually I don’t like books that are written in second person narrative. This book was no exception. I get the idea, acceptance, survival, growth, courage and all. They are good things and the main character of the book is a survivor. I agree and I love it, but the way this book was written just wasn’t for me. And it was a surprise that this book was actually a historical novel, I didn’t see that coming. The cover of the book didn’t give any clue nor did the back cover.

All The Truth That’s in Me was a letdown and I didn’t enjoy reading it. I was happy when it ended. I really wanted to like this book, but I can’t.



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