The Drowning

First a word or two about Camilla Läckberg. She has written crime novels, children’s books, cookery books and short stories. In addition to that she’s part-owner of the jewellery company Sahara Silver and she’s an ambassador for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. She’s truly a multi-talented writer.

I’ve never read Läckberg’s books before. I while ago I bought The Drowning, a crime novel written by her. The book was a positive surprise. In the beginning the story moved on a little slowly but after a few dozen of pages it started to take a run-up and  I was hooked.

The story, the things that had happened in the past, was disgusting. Horrible things happened to innocent children. How much one person can bear without breaking? In this book he broke, badly. Disturbance of the mind can lead to serious results. And other people can feel guilt for the rest of their lives. Others have no feelings of guilt, nor regret. Interesting journey of exploration to people’s minds.

I could see some things coming but The Drowning wasn’t too foreseeable. I enjoyed reading a good crime novel, yet again written by a Scandinavian author. The only flaw was the slow start.

the drowning



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