The Murder Room

P. D. James has written for years and she is the author of twenty books. Nevertheless I haven’t read her books, not since this month. I bought the paperback version of The Murder Room (written in 2004) and started to read.

The Murder Room was a pleasant surprise. It was long, the paperback version had over 500 pages. I liked the clear and somehow calm writing style. It’s funny to say calm when you’re reading a murder story, but that’s how I felt.

At the beginning I was just a little bit frustrated because the story moved on a little slowly. There was sufficiently portrayals of things and situations, maybe just a little too much. Still, I liked the story and it was interesting. The only disappointment was those last few chapters of the book. The main character, Commander Adam Dalgliesh, wants to see his dearest, a woman called Emma. He’s uncertain, he doesn’t know if Emma still wants to be with him. The chapters are almost like from a very sugary romance novel and they don’t suit at all to the general atmosphere of the book. Well, it was nice that those too got together, but still…

The Murder Room was not the most brilliant thriller, but it was well worth the read. I will surely read more books written by P. D. James.



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