Last week, when I was on holiday, I went to see Non-Stop with my son. We’ve seen many movies starring Liam Neeson and we expected Non-Stop to be entertaining. It was, so it didn’t disappoint us.

The plot is simple, but it works. Liam Neeson makes a solid performance and, at the age of 61, is still believable as an action hero. I like his rough looks and he is still very eloquent. Over the past years he has played characters that are somehow broken, they’ve had alcoholism and other problems, so I see some repetition here. He has also made several action roles. Before I didn’t think of his as an action hero, now I do. His tall and melancholic presence is somehow intriguing.

Then there was Julianne Moore. She was pretty and she was okay, that’s all.

I can’t help it, but Non-Stop reminded me a little of Taken-movies, also starring Liam Neeson. In a good way, because I also like those movies.

Non-Stop was entertaining, straightforward action movie and it didn’t try to be anything else. It entertained us wonderfully and that was just what we were looking for.




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2 responses to “Non-Stop

  1. Kept me in the dark enough so that I could definitely not have a single clue as to whom the bad person was, or for what reasons. Sure, it was dumb when I eventually found out, but at least it kept me tense for the time being. Nice review.

  2. Thank you for your comment! Yes, it’s true, we also had no clue who the criminal was. In that way the movie was also good. Many movies these days are very foreseeable.

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