Gone Girl

When I started Gone Girl, a book by Gillian Flynn, I wasn’t very impressed. The first half of the book was ordinary, it had nothing special and there’s not much to say about it.

Then something happened. The second half of the book turned the story in to a completely new direction. The second half twisted the plot to a devious, troubled and brutal direction. The main characters Nick and Amy are both very unpleasant and disturbing people. It seems that their life is based on a lie and is maintained with more lies. Both, especially Amy, has a sick and twisted mind. So disturbed that it made me a little uncomfortable. I had no sympathy for these characters, not in any way. And when I thought of the marriage of these two people… toxic, abnormal and depraved game. Utmost dependency. Lies.

Gone Girl has some surprising elements that I haven’t read in another books. A well woven tale that gets better in the middle. The end was not a surprise. I’m a little dissapointed, because somehow I knew what was going to happen. The end is not what I wanted it to be, it’s as sick as the whole story. At the same time it’s very convenient. It’s suitable for Nick and Amy.

Weird book, with good and bad elements. Gone Girl doesn’t rise to the level of the best thrillers I’ve read, but it was a good read and entertaining, in a twisted way.

The story made me think. When does a person really is who he or she genuinely is? We all have different roles and mask that we choose to use. At work, with friends, with strangers… When I’m really me, just me? Is it when I’m alone?



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