American Hustle

Many movies that are nominated or have won an Oscar aren’t on my favourite list of movies. I went to see American Hustle with some doubts.

I loved the acting in this movie. Christian Bale was great with his belly and toupée. So was Amy Adams (she’s so beautiful) and Jennifer Lawrence. Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner were the same as usual. I think Bradley Cooper was better in Silver Linings Playbook. I don’t know what to say about Jeremy Renner, to me his an average actor.

And then to the story. I think it was a little bit boring. In the middle of the movie my concentration got lost for a while. I got it back, but it told me that the movie was not so great as I wanted it to be. I didn’t feel anything special after the movie. To me, that’s a significant minus.

The movie was not bad nor it was great. American Hustle has great costumes, set desing, music and acting. It’s just that the story wasn’t interesting enough. To be honest, based on all the praises, I expected more. But American Hustle was worth the watch, one time. After this one time I can forget about it.



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