Dog Day

Dog Day (Petra Delicado Mysteries, # 2) is a detective story written by Alicia Giménez Bartlett.

The lead characters in this book are detective Petra Delicado and her policeman partner Garzon. What I liked about this book, as well as in book Death Rites (Petra Delicado Mysteries, #1), is the friendship between these two very different people. They are colleagues but they also care for each other as friends. Their discussions are humorous as well as moving. Their support to each other is genuine and sincere. They are humane, they are like real people.

The story dealt with dogs. I’m not an animal person, but the dogs didn’t bother me. What bothered me that the story was not very unique or addictive. It was good, but it was not brilliant. To me, the narration was a little plain, too simple. I had this feeling that the book didn’t quite get to it’s peak and left me wanting something more. The crime was solved, so it wasn’t that.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly the missing elements that you would’ve liked to have in a book. Some books have those elements, some don’t and some rest in the middle. Dog Day is in the middle. I probably will read the next Petra Delicado mystery, if it comes, so Death Rites or Dog Day were not that bad.



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