Winter’s Tale

I’m not a fan of Colin Farrel nor Russell Crowe. In spite of that I went to see Winter’s Tale. I wanted to see something light, beautiful and romantic. I got all that.

The movie engrossed all my attention. It was visually beautiful and a lovely fairy tale for adults. I didn’t expect Winter’s Tale to be one of the greatest masterpieces ever. I wanted it to be entertaining and I wanted it to take my thoughts away for a while. It did just that.

I think that we grown-ups are most of the time too serious, controlled and concerned. We need more fairy tales and fantasy to our lives, at least I do. You dont’ have to take everything so seriously, you can just go with the flow and sink into a light story and beautiful images. It’s refreshing.

The performances of the actors and actresses were average but it didn’t disturb me. And Jessica Brown-Findlay was so beautiful, radiant, I might say.

No matter what critics or other reviewers say, I loved Winter’s Tale. I even liked Colin Farrell, as much as I’m able to like him. And Russell Crowe, well, he was Russell Crowe.

I want more fairy tales, please.

Soon I will read the book also.



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