I bought Rosamund Lupton’s book Sister from the sale. I’d never heard from this author before, so I didn’t know what to expect.

After I started to read, I wouldn’t have wanted to stop. The story was so intense, exciting and moving and it kept me in my chair for hours.

I’ve always thought that when someone has a feeling, inkling about something or someone, it’s almost always right. I’ve felt these sinking feelings or hunches myself and they turned out to be true. I have no idea where they come from, maybe it’s my subconscious connecting things that  happened earlier, I don’t know.

In Sister the hunch and persistence are an essential part of the story. One sister doesn’t loose her hope in finding the person who hurt her sister.  The persistence turns almost into compulsion and some people start to doubt and diminish the hunch. But it turns out to be true.

Love and relationship between sisters and their family is a big part too. Often relationships between family members are quite complicated and when something sad happens you may find new and surprising qualities from your loved ones or from yourself.

I felt true tension when I read this book, it was a mystery written very beautifully. Captivating, heartbreaking, thrilling, sad and touching story and I loved every page of it.



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