Lone Survivor

I hardly ever watch war movies. Still, last week I went to see Lone Survivor with my son.

In Lone Survivor the violence is horrifying, but war is horrible and violent. Some have said that Lone Survivor is very realistic. I can’t say anything about that, I haven’t experienced war, luckily.

All in all Lone Survivor was quite an intense movie. Me and my son, we were gripped by the story and two hours went fast. Lone Survivor is not going to be my most favorite movie, but it was okay and left us feeling a little uncomfortable, so it must have affected us somehow.

After the movie I really felt sad for the sake of all the killed soldiers and their families. But I also felt sad  for the sake of those people who have to live their lives in the middle of wartime or with the constant fear for one’s life. I’m so lucky.

And I remembered why I rarely watch war movies, they are very oppressive.



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