Dallas Buyers Club

I’ve used to seeing Matthew McConaughey as the handsome, gorgeous (sometimes a bit too slick) guy who shows his muscles and is an archetype of a healthy person. Well, not in this movie. In Dallas Byers Club, as Ron Woodroof,  he’s so skinny and almost unrecognizable. Quite an transformation, I say. Matthew McConaughey gives the best performance of his career so far. And there’s a  another great and touching performance in this movie too, from Jared Leto as Rayon.

The movie deals with some heavy subjects, AIDS, the dark side of medicine business and testing, prejudice, rejection, friendship, a strong will to keep on living. All Ron’s friends abandon him when they hear he is HIV-positive. Ron himself battles with his emotions, he has a hard time believing he has HIV. He also battles with his homophobic views and prejudices. But he wants to live, he has a strong zest for life and he’s not ready to give up. That persistence is the positive message of this movie. And also acceptance, you can, and sometimes you have to, change your opinions and views about life and other people. Even if something or someone is different, it doen’t mean it’s inferior.

The end is evidently sad and Dallas Byers Club is a tough film. But it’s also touching, brilliant and inspiring, I liked it very much. Undoubtably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.



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