My sister, my love

Not for me, no. Joyce Carol Oates is surely very distinguished writer, but I was not able to read her book My sister, my love. When I read the description of the story from the cover of the book, I thought it would be interesting. Well, the theme was interesting, but I didn’t like the  writing style of Oates. Disordered writing,  useless spaces    between    words and all those footnotes*. Annoying footnotes that interrupted me and made me lose my concentration.

I started to read the book. After about 100 pages  I thought “Why in the world am I reading this. If I don’t like, I don’t have to”. So I didn’t, I stopped. One of the worst books I have ever started to read.


*I mean, what is this. In a novel, all the time. I’m not going to read the small print on the bottom of the page. If you have something to say, say it in a normal text, please. That’s annoying.


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