The Book of the Dead

I wished The Book of the Dead, by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, for Christmas and I got it. I’ve read other books by Preston & Child, all under the series Pendergast.

When I read the first book, The Cabinet of Curiositie, from the Pendergast-series, I became an addict. After that I read Brimstone, then Still Life With Crows, now The Book of the Dead.

Pendergast is a very unique character, something I’ve never “met” in a book. He’s extremely intelligent. He’s pale, quiet, cool, strong, a little bit weirdo, and I like him. He is a very abnormal agent and many people are confused when thet meet him.

Yes, these books contain violence, twisted and sick minds, horrible crimes. Yes, these books are fascinating, up to every little detail. The Book of the Dead also has many interesting details about the history of Egypt. I have no idea if these details are true, but, anyhow, these details are intriguing. In The Book of the Dead there’s also family issues, a lot of resentment and rancor between brothers, that are not easy to solve. There’s also some supernatural elements. All these elements, and many more, packed in an awesome package.

I read 635 pages in just two days and when the book ended, I would have wanted to read more. That’s gotta tell you something.



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