The Map of Lost Memories

The Map of Lost Memories, by Kim Fay, has an interesting and exotic theme. The is a heroine seeking an a treasure of ancient Khmer civilization in Cambodia. She, Irene Blum, feels disappointed and betrayed when she doesn’t get the job she deserves. It is obvious that Irene is passed over because she is a woman. The main force in this book is Irene’s need to show to others that she is good and to restore her reputation as a professional, that’s why she want’s to find a significant archaeological discovery. As the story goes, other things come along, family issues, secrets, corruption and more. A lot of fascinating entities and details, so the story must be good, right?

The book is well written, beautiful language and full of well described moments. Still, there’s something missing. I think that the book was long-winded. It didn’t fill my expectations and I was expecting quite a lot. All the elements were there, all the interesting details and exotic places and scenes. Treasure hunting, that’s nothing new, but in this book I was waiting for it to be handled differently and freshly. Somehow I didn’t feel the story that way.

Someone, surely many, will disagree with me about this book. To me, disappointment. To someone else, a great reading experience. I will not miss this book. Surely I will forget it quite soon.



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