1st to Die

James Patterson’s books are, to me, somehow bland. I choose these books when I want to read something relatively easy, a little bit entertaining and I want to read it fast. Patterson’s books are those books that you forget after you’ve read them.

1st to Die tells about a group of women who set up a “murder club”, a police officer, a doctor, a lawyer and a journalist. They start to solve a series of crimes, a serial killer is murdering newlyweds. At the same time the main character, the police officer Lindsay Boxer is suffering  from health problems, falls in love, loses the guy and gets well.

There is something very stereotyped about this book. I can’t properly explain it, but it’s something about the characters of the books. 1st to Die is a forgettable novel, it doesn’t stand out from the large group of other thriller novels. Of course I’m always pleased when the protagonist in a book (or a movie) is a woman, a heroine.

If you want to read a good thriller novel, in my opinion, this isn’t necessarily the right book. But it’s readable and it doesn’t have any annoying features. I guess that’s something.



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