Let the Devil Sleep

Another detective story I like. Let the Devil Sleep by John Verdon. The main character in this book is homicide detective Dave Gurney, or retired detective actually. Verdon always writes interesting stories, I’ve read his other books Shut Your Eyes Tight and Think of a Number. Especially Think of a Number was so, so exciting I couldn’t put it down.

Let the Devil Sleep is not as brilliant as Think of a Number. Still it’s a very good detective story. I also like how Verdon describes the relationship between Gurney and his wife Madeline. There is warmth and trust between those two and it’s a nice story beside all the murders and crimes. It’s also interesting to follow how Gurney tries to cope his problems that are result of the situation when he was shot. And how, when he gets in to the investigation, he forgets almost all his pain and anxiety.

Let the Devil Sleep is a good mystery, thrilling, addictive and definitely worth reading. It would be nice if someone would make movies based on Verdon’s books.



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