I’ve read all books written by Dan Brown. Some of then are very entertaining, some of them aren’t. There are many opinions about the literary values of his books but he is very popular so there must be something about his books that interest people, me included.

I just read the newest book Inferno and I liked it almost as much as The Da Vinci code. What I like in Dan Brown’s books is that the action starts right away, you don’t have to wait 100 pages for the story to get started. In Inferno the story is interesting and scary too. I enjoyed the descriptions of many historical buildings, art and historical events. I have no idea about the truthfulness of these descriptions but, either way, I enjoyed reading about them.

Inferno is an entertaining book. Action, dangerous circumstances and even some surprises in the plot. At the end part of the book happens a thing I didn’t expect.

Inferno is not going to get the same respect as some classics, like War and Peace (In my opinion, some of the classics are absolutely boring and the great reverence of those classics is excessive). To me, it’s important that the book that I’m reading is interesting, entertaining and gives me time to relax and get my thoughts away of stress and sometimes busy life. Inferno was just that.

A few words about the movies that are made based on Brown’s books, The Da Vinci code and Angels & Demons. They were both a bit disappointing.  I have a huge respect for Tom Hanks as an actor but in my eyes he’s not Robert Langdon. Both movies were also a little boring, well made but blunt. If someone makes a movie based on Inferno, I’m still going to go and see it, even with the risk of falling asleep.



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