Red 2

There are some great actors in Red 2. I think Helen Mirren (Victoria) is gorgeous and John Malkovich (Marvin) is good, as always, when he’s acting the weird guy. Bruce Willis (Frank) is in a role very typical for him. Catherine Zeta-Jones (Katja) and Mary-Louise Parker (Sarah) aren’t doing anything special. Anthony Hopkins is acting the same way as in his maniac roles before, with the same manners and expressions.

Red 2 is all about guns. Brainless shooting and ambition to kill as many people as possible. Shooting and killing was even a little bit mind-numbing. Red 2 is also trying to be funny and momentarily it is, some of the jokes almost made me laugh. Mostly I enjoyed Marvin’s character. I also liked the loyalty between these retirees.

Retired, extremely dangerous guys overpower all the younger ones and don’t like to be called old. There is a hit man Han Cho Bai (Byung-hun Lee) who’s trying to kill Frank, but Frank beats him too and convinces him to join the fight and track down a missing portable nuclear device.

The plot is ordinary and good actors don’t save the movie. Red 2 was below average. It was silly, but I think it was ment to be silly, so on that it was a success. It’s also nice to see some older action heroes and women in action roles (Helen Mirren). I was able to watch it without falling asleep, but after a while I began to think that it was a bit boring. If you want mindless entertainment with big guns and lousy jokes, Red 2 is for you. I must say, though, that mindless entertainment is sometimes a good thing.



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