Behind the Candelabra

I only know the real Liberace by name and I know how he looked. Still, I wanted to see Behind the Candelabra. I saw the trailer of the film a while ago and immediately knew that I wanted to see this movie.

It seems that Liberace was quite a character. All that glitter and shine, and the candelabra and big pianos. Both Michael Douglas, as Liberace, and Matt Damon, as Scott Thorson, make an outstanding performance. Stunning and very intimate performance. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon are moth actors that have made many very masculine roles, so this was different, but not in a bad way.

Behind the Candelabra tells both touching and sad story. There is true love, trust and affection between these two men. There is also jealousy, loneliness, vulnerability and possessiveness. One of the most intimate moments of the movie is when Scott sees Liberace without the huge wig that covered his bald head. All in all, I’m left with a feeling that Liberace was a lonely, confused man who desperately wanted to hide his true self from the public. He loved Scott but was kind of lost in his own world that he smothered this young man and wanted to make Scott someone else, a younger version of himself. And Scott let all that happen.

Behind the Caldelabra is a love story that doesn’t end well. In other words, a story of life. It is so sad that Liberace had to live his whole life hiding his true self. And it’s sad that all the people around him took part on this show.

I liked Behind the Candelabra. I’m not able to say how true or accurate it is, I’m not familiar with the story, but both Michael Douglas and Matt Damon deserve my applause. And we should not forget Rob Lowe as Dr. Jack Startz, a plastic surgeon who operates both Liberace and Scott Thorson. Hilarious character.




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2 responses to “Behind the Candelabra

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  2. Poor Liberace I wish he could have been a happer person.

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