Los Amantes Pasajeros

I’ve always liked the films of Pedro Almodóvar. He makes films that are full of rude characters, weird plots, anguish, weird humor (mostly about sex) and lots of people who jabber, scream, cry, love and, very strongly, show other feelings. Almodóvar’s movies are different, that’s for sure and I know that many people don’t like them.

Yesterday I went to see Los amantes pasajeros (I’m so excited! in English). I was so disappointed. Yes, weird humor about sex. Yes, odd characters. No, no rational plot. And the whole time I thought that the movies was very amateurish. It was a surprise because in the movie there are many famous Spanish actors and actresses, like Javier Càmara and Lola Dueñas. It just didn’t work.

Even the best can’t always succeed. Los amantes pasajeros is the worst film of Almodóvar. But I love Spanish people (that’s why I married one).

Lo siento, Pedro!



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