The Wolverine

I’m not a fan of movies that are based on comics. Nonetheless I’ve seen many. The reason for this is that in our family I’m on the losing side, I’m the only woman. Three men and me. So, no romance films, unless I’m alone or with my friends.

I went to see The Wolverine with my sons a couple of days ago. I don’t fancy X-Men but Wolverine is definitely my favourite character in those films. Therefore I had nothing against seeing this movie.

The Wolverine was fine. Not the best movie I’ve seen, not the worst. I think that Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is the backbone of this movie, the thing that holds up the movie. Without him it would have been less interesting. Casting, in this case, is spot on.

Many more of these to come, some I must see, some I must not.



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