World War Z

I was a bit doubtful about going to see World War Z, but I went. I’m not a friend of zombie movies, I can’t take them seriously. The crazier things go, crazier I laugh or just go do other things. Most of the zombie movies I’ve seen feast on blood and violence. Though, I’m no expert on these matters, I haven’t seen many.

In World War Z action started immediately, was fast-paced  and kept me in my chair for two hours. Modern technology allows movie makers to create amazing scenes. A surge of zombies and chaos, all fine. Gerry Lane (Bratt Pitt) trying to save the world with his hair swinging, I absolutely like that.

There was no blood and when the zombies attacked people, you couldn’t see much. I think that was good. I also think that those people who are zombie movie maniacs, won’t agree with me because it kind of removes the point of a zombie movie, right?

When a movie entertains me I think it has achieved at least one of it’s functions. I think World War Z was good entertainment. Excitement and action. No gluttony with eating people, blood or violence. Maybe that’s the reason I could watch it. I haven’t read the book that this movie is based on, so I can’t compare those two.

Happy ending (if you don’t think all those people who already turned into zombies) and the hero saved the world.



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